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Decoupage paper towel rollers to look like Birch wood Faux fireplace logs

Decoupage Napkins over Paper Towel Rolls

Before I go any further, if you’re looking for the filler here is the link :

This product is to be used before you paint and decoupage. Right after you tape your tubes together. Make sure to read the reviews since there were some mistakes that people made and this will help you avoid those pitfalls. As long as you read the instructions you’re fine. So that you don’t waste a bunch of money filling the whole tubes, stuff the tubes with old newspaper or magazine pages, junk mail all crunched up. Leave a few inches near the ends of the tubes and use this foam filler then. It’s ok if it overlaps because when it’s dry it’s so easy to cut it with a knife. You just cut it off and you have a flush outside making these logs look even more authentic after you decoupage the ends too. I’m adding 2 separate links for the napkins since they tend to sell out quickly once I make a video with them. The first two links are for the napkins. 

Birchwood  Image napkins                                       

more napkins                                                            

Matte Aerosol Varnish                                               

Napkin Decoupage glue                                           

Chunky Glitter  *Martha Stewart Coarse                  

I’m adding this Laser printer at the request of several viewers who asked which one I have. This is the exact printer I have and I want to let you know that HP has now purchased the printer division of Samsung which is better for all of us since Samsungs customer service has gone down hill as of late in my opinion. Pure frustration to call them. Here’s the laser printer which I use for all color copies (they won’t bleed or run when doing decoupage) and I use these for all transfers. Whether they’re in color or black and white. This laser printer costs less because this only prints. In other words it does NOT have a scanner or copier. You can only print from your computer.  The cartridges for laser printers are more expensive than cartridges for inkjet printers but they also last a whole lot longer. This unit comes with starter sizes then you can order the full capacity cartridges when you need them. The sample lasted me a while but that’s all relative for each of us. 

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I will be adding furniture video’s to that site in the spring, (technically it is Spring but it hasn’t warmed up enough yet for me to get outside) and Patreon is a pay per view site. Although you would only pay once and continue to watch the video as often as you want. 

I’m also on Facebook on the page Upcycle with Decoupage. Have fun guys! 




Decoupage Supplies – What you’ll want

Decoupage Supplies to have on hand (& some you might need) 

*Skip to the lower portion of the page for different project needs. I add additional supplies as I complete new projects. 

Let’s say you wanted to put together a Decoupage kit. In this kit you would need an item to decoupage, let’s start with a simple box, paint, paper, decoupage glue, scissors and a top coat. The top coat is the protective varnish that you’ll need. 

Let’s start with the box. I mention a box because it is the easiest surface to work over. No tricky angles, or curves, just flat straight surfaces. You can also start out with something like this.                              

This birdhouse is an actual birdhouse and you may want to practice on one of the 3 dollar birdhouses from the craft stores. The three dollar ones don’t hold up (as bird houses) but are good for practicing on crafts that sit on an indoor shelf. 

The papers? Always important. While actual paper like the type you use to wrap gifts with is ideal, over the years the papers aren’t quite as pretty as the napkins. I find that the expensive stores tend to have the same patterns as the dollar stores. Unless you buy these papers from Cavallini                                           These papers are much more firm than napkins, and are great for flat surfaces. You can either cut out a whole fitted section of it, (if the side of your project measures 5 inches high and 3 inches wide, you can simply cut out a piece of this sheet that measures that size) or you can use a sponge to paint two colors over your birdhouse, let it dry, then cut out each separate butterfly that you want, and decoupage it over the surface. These little scissors?        

will help you cut out all of the intricate patterns you like. I use a larger pair of scissors to cut out the piece of paper with the image(s) on it, then use the smaller scissors above to get into the smaller area’s. These scissors are about 4 inches long. 

Decoupage Glue?       

Even though this is called Collage Pauge, it’s a very good decoupage glue. I also like to use matte because it’s easier to put a shine over your surface with the top coat, than it is to get a matte finish over a shine. This way you can use one decoupage glue and adjust your top coat or varnish to one that is a high gloss, satin or matte. I have to mention that I have used all decoupage glues and with the exception of Viva Decor Decoupage glue, they have all still needed a varnish or top coat over them. (Varnish and top coat are the same product) Even though the labels states ” sealer and finish” I’ve noticed that if an decoupaged item gets damp or too hot, it can actually stick to a surface. I learned that the hard way. 

If you would like to use napkins you want to make sure you paint your background color a very light pastel color that matches the background color of your napkin. If you want to cut images out of your napkins you can, just make sure to use some repositional glue (glue stick) on a piece of copy paper or junk mail, place your napkin face up over the glue, smooth it down and cut out your images. When done, separate all three layers of the napkin so you’re left with the top piece only. I’ll provide some links to beautiful napkins below and provide the link to an excellent napkin decoupage glue. Before I show you the napkin decoupage glue I’ll tell you this. A couple of years ago I decoupaged a planter, and since it was springtime, I put it outside to dry. I forgot all about it and after a rainy week I remembered I left it out there to dry. I was sure the decoupage had all peeled off. Nope, it was all intact, it still is! I hadn’t even put a top coat over it! It was this napkin decoupage glue out of Germany. 

this is actually a small bottle, I don’t think it comes in a larger size here in the US anyway. With the link I’ve provided above this bottle, you’ll be getting 2 of these bottles though. Viva Decor makes so many beautiful products that I’ll be listing those along the way too. If this napkin decoupage glue is sold out you can also use this one… 

Laser Printer                                                                               

You may want to finally get the laser printer you’ve been looking for. This is the one I use and make sure that you note—this is not a printer that does it all. You can’t make copies with it, fax or scan, simply make lovely laser copies that can be used for perfect transfers and decoupage as well as all of your other printing needs. I’ve been using this one for almost 2 years now. 

Perfect Paper for transfers through your printer                   

for transfer purposes these work best with a laser printer. Ink jet copies will smear -they also aren’t waterproof. If you decoupage over them you could lose your image. 

Mona Lisa Spray Adhesive                                            

The spray is so much easier to use than the glue you apply with a brush. I have never had success with that, but if you know what you’re doing, you may want to stick with the brush on. 

Mona Lisa *speedball Copper Simple Leaf                   

This Simple leaf is the one that doesn’t blow away and scatter all over the place. 

Liquitex Matte Gel Medium                                             

There are other medium that can be used for transfers however I have found that this one works the best for me. 




As for napkins? Well there are thousands of beautiful prints out there. 

Let’s start with the florals















How about some birds? If you check on the link below, you can also see over 20 other napkin designs to choose from , just from that one link! 





blue green song bird napkins                                             

Hummingbird napkins                                              

blue bird on pink cherry blossoms                                   

Ocean / Beach themed

Mermaid Napkins                                                   

Coral colored flamingo                                       

Starfish napkins                                                        

New England Seafood Napkins                                  

Versatile Markers

Faber Castell Big Brush Pen set                                         

These pens cost so much in the craft stores if you buy them separately- you would need so many coupons to and have to return to the stores a dozen times to get this set for this price. Here it is with free shipping and it can land on your doorstep in 2 days!!! You can also blend these for a few seconds then they become permanent. I don’t know of any other marker on the market that does that! I use these all the time.  

How about some paints? If you’re working on glass you’ll want to try these: They are called Multi surface paints though, because you can also use them on many other surfaces. 


my personal favorite is chalk paint         


*favorite reason for using chalk paint? NO sanding required! You gotta love that! Chalk paint can also be used over multiple surfaces. If you are going to use chalk paint over glass (which you can do-you can even use it over metal and plastic!) you would do yourself a service by first spraying your glass surface with this product: 

If you chose to get the above product in a hardware store-make sure to get the red can. It comes in a blue can, a grey can and a red can. Get the red when working over glass. 

Favorite top coats? 


Triple thick provides a superior glaze but there are 2 rules, use only a bristle brush when applying (no sponge brushes) and make sure NOT to overwork it. This varnish/top coat provides the highest gloss available without getting into a two part resin product. 


I’ve tried all of the Matte varnishes in the craft stores, and this by far provides the flattest (no shine) finish of them all. Only one coat is required. They also make a Satin finish that works well. 

So there are the main players in our game of decoupage. Don’t forget to visit me on Facebook at Upcycle with Decoupage. Or on Patreon 

Patreon is a pay per view site. When I am working on my furniture projects they tend to take up too much time and I am not able to feasibly do those on Youtube anymore. You can go over to Patreon through my link and have a look around- see what it’s all about. You will certainly get a lot more individual personalized attention there on Patreon. 

Have fun with your decoupage. This can be the most relaxing yet fulfilling thing you’ve done in a long time. You can also watch this beginners video on youtube for help.

Another video that is a huge help is this one: It’s called DIY 3 Decoupage Techniques

Clay Pot Sealer                                     

Martha Stewart Coarse Glitter              

Maya Gold Metallic Paint                      

Large Wide Rubber Bands                    








How to Decoupage a French themed Heart

Decoupage a French Heart for Valentines Day

To see the video you can watch here:

Ready to add a new twist on the painted paper mache heart? let’s decoupage it! 

You’ll also want some chalk paint to match your napkins, and in this project I used a punch. Here’s the link to the one I used and Wow, I’m surprised how often I use this punch and for today’s purposes I think you’re going to like how we even decoupaged our butterflies!  For other supplies you may want you can continue to shop through any of these links. Just click on any link and start shopping. 


For supplies the link is above each image..

5 inch papier mach’e heart    ————————————————

Napkin Decoupage Glue  —————————————————-

Other Supplies

mini drill (optional



saran wrap

white coffee filters (flat ones work best but you can use the round ones too) 

adhesive gems or pearls

decorative key

Hot glue 

(string lights-optional) 





How to Age any Glass bottle or jar with Decoupage and a transfer

Ready to Decoupage ? Think Wine Bottles Liquor bottles & Glass Jars like Yankee Candle Jars

Are you ready to make your glass look like this? 


Here’s the link to the (already reversed) French Script from the Graphics Fairy 

So sorry I couldn’t talk in this week’s video but feel free to ask me any questions that you have. I’m happy to help out. Thank you so much for joining me on Patreon. If you’re visiting my site for the first time you’ll want to have a look at my Patreon channel here. That’s where you’ll find this video along with others. There is a one dollar fee to watch the video and you can watch it as often as you like. Soon I’ll be offering a monthly subscription fee of five dollars so you can have the fee taken out of your account every month and you can then watch all of the video’s of mine that you like! I’ll also be offering rewards to my monthly subscribers. You can have a look around here:     

Here are the rest of the supplies, but first, need napkins? The link above each napkin is the one you’ll need for that napkin. Once you’re on Amazon you don’t need to come back to this page, just keep on shopping for whatever you need on Amazon!

Here are your other supplies, 

Glass jar, bottle, vase

Paper Doilies

Liquitex Matte Gel Medium

Decoupage Glue

Bristle Brush (small artists brush) 

Zinsser Bullseye Primer (Blue can) 

Pouncing sponge brushes

Decoupage scissors  (listed as small curved scissors)

Saran Wrap

Lace Trim

Chalk Paint *any light or pastel color

Triple Thick Glaze

Antiquing medium 

Mister Bottle (you can look up Mister bottle 2 oz empty) to mix antique medium and water

Pitt Big Brush Artists pen

By the way, I just ordered this whole box for myself and I can NOT wait until they get here…expect to see a lot more of these in our upcoming decoupage videos.. 



How to decoupage your own picture to a Puzzle

How to Decoupage your own picture onto these craft blocks…

Like this…..  


You can find the “How To” Video on my Patreon page here.

Now imagine giving this to a dear friend with a picture of the new baby, their wedding photo, or their beloved poodle. It’s a novel idea right? I saw the short video on Facebook somewhere. I think the video was all of 1 and a half minutes. Don’t you love when they do that? Make these video’s to make everything look effortless with a perfect outcome. That’s why we have editing by the way. You can cut out a whole lot. I tend to like to show you the ugly truth. You know why? For the same reason I like to see the real truth. I feel like I’m “less than” when I can’t quite do something as well as “someone” makes it look. I used to take stained glass art classes. Wow, was that expensive. Most of the people in the class were struggling like I was. We were all beginners. There was however, one girl who was doing simply flawless work. We were all amazed. Was she some type of prodigy? Was she just more coordinated than we were? When someone said to her, “Wow-your work is so much better than mine..” She simply stated, “Apparently.”  Nice person right? It turned out that she was a stained glass artist who sold her wares in stores and shows. That’s all we found out but I’m not sure how. We wondered why she would join a beginners class and pretend to be a beginner. Maybe she just wanted to feel good about herself? But I digress, I love to show you when I make mistakes and I get an even bigger internal reward out of helping you avoid the aggravation I went through when doing a project. Just like you, I make mistakes, I love some of my projects and others I wonder if it “really” looks ok. I hear from people who know me that I am way too hard on myself. Since my Mother told me that even as a young child, (why in the world was I hard on myself as a young child?) I have to agree. So have fun as you watch the video, please feel free to show me your projects! I love that….And visit me on Facebook. Just click on the link here on the page to go on over to my page. Click like and follow so you won’t miss any of my work! Below is the list of all that you’ll need and don’t forget, you can do all of your Amazon shopping while you’re on my site. You don’t need to sign out and sign back in. Just buy what you want for this project, then continue on with your shopping, easy right? 


These are the blocks that I used for this project. 

Here is the laser printer I finally broke down and bought. The toner is more expensive than ink jet refills but it lasts soooo much longer AND it’s waterproof. Think of all the decoupaging you can do, think of all the transfers you can do! This was one of my favorite purchases of all time.

Here are the other supplies you will need. 

Decoupage glue, I use a product called Collage Pauge, and I use the matte finish. For this project I wanted a matte varnish (or top coat) and I used this spray.

however, I used that spray because I don’t have to worry about toddlers or doggies putting these in their mouths. A very good non toxic brush on top coat is this one which I use all the time and am currently out of.

Guess what I’m buying as soon as I finish this blog post? 

You’ll also need medium grit sandpaper or an acrylic nail file. There are not a lot of supplies needed for this one. I hope you give it a try! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



How To Decoupage Those Plastic Ornaments




“Enough with the Candles” he said. 

Last year I was at a friends house for a Christmas party. He showed me the room where he put my coat and I did a double take at one of the tables near the windows. He saw my face and said, “I know right? Enough with the candles! it seems like when people don’t know what to give you they give you candles-And once in a while?” he said into the back of his hand…” we know it’s a re-gift.”  I had to think about it. I’m famous for giving candles because I love them although we all love our own favorite scents and unless you purchase them from Yankee Candle or another store where they allow returns, you’re usually stuck with what you get. That got me to thinking. I want to bring a hostess gift or something with me to parties or functions. I like to keep a few extra trinket type gifts on hand because once in a while you can either forget someone, hey, it happens….or someone gives you a gift out of the blue. It’s so nice to have a back up. So here’s what I do. I make these ornaments. I used to feel so badly about them being plastic and not glass like they used to be. But I’ve found that most people are just so happy to get something they love especially if you know them a little bit and can make something specific to their tastes or their decor. Here are the supplies you’ll need for this project and as always…remember that you can do all of your shopping while you’re on my site. I suggest you write everything down that you need or want, then click on any one link, below, say one of the napkins looks beautiful to you. Click on that link and purchase the napkins, then just continue to search for whatever else you need like you normally would. 

Here are the supplies and here are the pretty napkins I’ve found. 

Plastic Ornaments

Spray Paint for Plastic

Assorted Ribbons, thin and wide

E 6000



Napkin Decoupage glue


Triple Thick Glaze

Adhesive gems

Braided Trim


The links listed above each napkin go with the napkin below it.

Don’t forget…Upcycle with Decoupage is also on Facebook. If you go over and like and follow the page you’ll be notified every week when I put a new video out! Here’s to a happy and healthy Holiday season! 

DIY 5 ways to decorate your seashells


Why I may be leaving…YouTube

You can watch the video here:

This will be a blog post that’s different from the others since I am not going to just focus on the video and what you’ll need but I wanted to explain to a lot of you what is happening. I may have mentioned in the past that it takes 4 days to complete a video. I first work on the item(s) that I’m going to decoupage, that’s usually an all day affair right there, with drying times and all of the notes I’m taking. I’m usually attempting to get some housework done as I work on my video.. Filming the work is another hold up. I have to make sure I’m in the shot, I have to make sure the images are clear. If I was simply painting a piece of furniture -I could finish it in one day. Not when I’m filming though. That requires a whole different set of skills and it takes even more time up. I also have to edit the video’s when I’m done which usually takes a half a day, I put the blog post together, I take all of the notes that I’ve written and I do voice overs usually to explain exactly what I’m doing. I used to respond to everyone on youtube who had questions too which took an unusually long amount of time also. I had to respond to people asking questions on  this  website, and on my facebook page, all while wondering what next week’s video was going to be about. I am n o t   complaining. I love doing decoupage, I love sharing what I’ve learned and the products I’ve used. Honestly? The pay has been that of a part time salary. if I was supporting myself I could never do this. I wouldn’t have the time and I would need a lot more money just to survive, especially here in NJ. The way you get paid when you make videos is through those sometimes annoying ads that you see pop up just before, during or after the video you are watching. Only when people click on those ads, will any of us working on youtube make money. The more views, subscribers and comments you have, even dislikes or thumbs down….is considered activity to advertisers. The bigger your channel and the video, the more money you make. Before I even started making videos I heard a lot of naysayers telling me that you can’t make any money on youtube. Only a few people can. (this advice was all ironically coming from Youtube videos) I knew that wasn’t true. I knew that if they were being accurate they would have said, “I didn’t make money on youtube, maybe you can.” Or “it wasn’t enough money for me for all of the work I was doing.”  I also knew that these people were expecting too much too soon. I did all of my homework on how NOT to speak in a video….I’ve heard people cough, clear their throats (yuck!) yell at their kids, answer the phone, and one of my personal pet peeves, say UMMMMM several times through the video. I did my research on how to get found in searches, I paid for a program to help know which keywords to use. I learned all that I could. I finally got to a place where I have a much larger channel and a very good following. So much so that I had to stop replying to comments on youtube because it was just taking up so much time and I could not get away from the computer and the video’s. I took a break earlier in the year for a while, and it felt great….only because like an author who was under pressure to write a second book after the success of a first book, I was always doing video’s because I now had to do them. I had to get something out there on youtube. I knew that I needed to be consistent and that I needed to let people know they could count on me. But I was feeling very uninspired. I wasn’t wild about a lot of my projects. I spent a lot of my off time going over Pinterest, reading the most beautiful magazines out there,  and looking over some of my favorite projects. And I felt like my creativity came back to life. But as I continued to make more new videos and I loved a lot of what I was doing….I noticed that the money I was making from the ads went to down to almost half of what I was making. I wondered if it had to do with the summer coming up. Summer is notoriously slow, naturally. Most people are out in the warm weather whereas the colder months bring people in. I was getting frustrated. Imagine working as hard as you can only to start making LESS money.  I heard about something called Admageddon on Youtube but every youtuber that I saw complaining about it was either controversial or they had the most foul mouths. I’m not a big fan of cursing. I never heard my parents curse, and my Mother was always the classiest women I had ever known. So when I heard the larger youtube channel owners complaining I thought, “Well no wonder a family oriented business doesn’t want to advertise on your channel.” I thought nothing of it and moved on. A few weeks ago I got a notice from youtube telling me that my video was not eligible for ads and that if I thought youtube made a mistake I could challenge it. Only after my video had 1000 views with no ads would they then have a look at it. Problem was, most of my video’s hit that thousand on the first day or two, then the views trickle off greatly. Even if they did ultimately approve my video for ads, the very few people who watched my videos were not enough to keep me going on youtube. I was very concerned since I love what I do. My focus has been so much on making youtube video’s that I haven’t gotten to focus on much else like making more artistic papers to sell on Zazzle. I haven’t had the time to research how to put a slew of ads on your website and earn money from them. I don’t want it to be too annoying so no worries, if I do figure that one out, I’ll take it easy.  The other day I decided to do some more research on youtube and what’s going on behind the scenes. 

This is Fascinating if not Scary stuff!

As it turns out a whole lot more has happened on youtube than I realized. Use your favorite search engine and type in : Advertisers that have left Youtube. 

You’ll see some huge names like Coke and Pepsi and a few of the major cell phone companies. Look, I’m not good with facts so I’ll tell you what I’ve gleaned from doing my research. There was apparently a company out of the UK who was doing an investigation about youtube and ads. They somehow learned that a terrorist attack was all able to happen because of youtube. The terrorists made youtube video’s and even earned so much money from the ad revenue they were able to afford everything they needed for a terrorist attack. This information was given to the Wall Street Journal and advertisers (after doing their own research) apparently all pulled their commercials (and all of their dollars) from youtube who wasn’t watching over their channels very carefully. I’m kind of annoyed with youtube because if not for the desire for money at all costs, they would have been paying more attention to the content. I’m wondering if someone is reading this and thinking, “That’s not fair, they can’t be all places at all times.”   Here’s what I know. There were people who were adding ads of their own on to my channel. When I let youtube know about it, they didn’t care at all. I even told them that this person was putting links on my channel to drive people away from youtube, and that it should concern them. They told me that some people do this: They just sign up for a new account under a pseudonym and continue to harass, or make ruthless comments or advertise on youtube channels.  You know what? That’s dead wrong. That right there means you have very little control over something that could be dangerous. That turned out to be dangerous. I could see if they had better controls and sometimes people slip through the loopholes somehow, but even I thought…..hmmm- so I could make up a fake name and go to the pages of those ugly people that insulted me and slam them! (LOL- it’s a little dream I had when I was first making videos and I had a few nut jobs say evil things-not just the perverts who told me to just take my top off-but the bullies, the ugly people – in short, the cowards) But I knew I would be doing the very same thing I didn’t believe in. So where does that leave us today? I’m throwing a few ideas around. 

Charging for Videos. 

So youtube sent me a notice a few months ago saying that my channel was large enough that I could now charge people to view my video’s. I talked it over with my husband and we both agreed. The reason people go to youtube is because it is all free. I know when  click on a video and it tells me I have to pay, the first thing I think is, “There are 10 other channels who do what you do! For Free! Why would I pay?” I then search for one of the other videos.  With what’s happened with youtube I’ve also got a bad taste in my mouth. I know that youtube would require a fee from me – so that if I wanted to charge for views-

a. You would have to pay each time you viewed the video

b. Youtube would want a cut of the money that I charged you.

c.  Paypal (or Apple pay) would want a part of that money. 

d. Youtube would almost surely start to tell me that I could not advertise products (or tell you which products I’m even using) since I’m being paid by them. I am not sure about that, but I’m guessing they would. 

So….I want to continue to do what I do. Unfortunately I will have to begin to charge for the video’s but here’s my idea. I want to keep the cost as low as possible. I am currently looking into having a pay per video fee on my business Facebook page or on this website. The plus side about this website is that I may only need to pay a percentage to Paypal, eliminating the middleman (youtube) and there for keeping those costs as low as I can. This is all up in the air so I am hoping that I can get some feedback from you. I am going to make a video and post it on my facebook page to explain this perhaps in more detail. I hope you have liked and followed Upcycle with Decoupage on Facebook so that you’ll be the first to know when something changes. I am going to do a lot of research over the next few days so you’ll know something soon enough. In the meantime, thank you so much for sticking with me my friends. Below is the supply list and the link for you to buy it all. 

So here’s how this works: Let’s say you want only one of the products I show in the video, just click on the blue link next to Maya Gold paints. It will take you to Amazon where you can purchase this color of Maya Gold paint. But let’s say you want hydrangea napkins. Simply click on the blue link which will just take you to Amazon. There you can order to your heart’s content. Not only what I’ve suggested but you can do all of your Amazon shopping while you’re there. There’s no change in the way you search, you don’t get charged anything different and you won’t even notice a change. The only reason I put the blog posts together is because I also watch youtube video’s and I know how frustrating it is when someone doesn’t tell me where they got something! I look all over, I search storefronts and online venues only to come up short. I try to showcase items that I know you can find on Amazon to make it easy for you. 


Maya Gold Paints                                                   

This color is Turquoise, one of the few colors I didn’t show in the video. 

Martha Stewart Asst Glitter

Martha Stewart Extra Coarse Glitter

Elmers Glue

Napkin Decoupage Glue 

Pretty Paper Napkins

Chalk Paint (Choose your favorite color and brand)

Nail Polish /Have some laying around? Experiment with them, You can also find some at a dollar store. 

Triple Thick Glaze (paint on or spray on) 

Sea Shells, if you don’t live near a beach you can always purchase these in a craft store. 


DIY Decoupaged Piggy Bank loaded with Glitter


Decoupage rescues this Thrift Store Piggy Bank! 

I’ll be featuring a few Thrift Store Items that we’ll rescue with Decoupage. This little piggy is one of many items I have purchased from the Goodwill store near me. I love that I get a letter from Goodwill showing how the money from my purchases and my donations has gone to help people. SCOOOOORE… 

I currently have a bowl where I throw my change at the end of each day. As I threw my change into it the other day I thought, “What am I doing?” At the very least I should have a bank. I have always loved piggy banks and knew I could make one a lot prettier than any I could buy. I could also make it to fit my color preferences-so can you! 

I wonder if any of you have had a similar experience to what I’ve been going through. There seems to be a lot of upheaval around me. My spouse, my Dad, one of my best friends, all handling very frustrating events going on in their lives. Because they are so stressed, I have been so stressed. I only mention this because I feel badly that I can’t always respond to your questions or comments these days. It’s just me working the video’s, the camera, the editing, the projects, website, and Facebook page….I read your comments and I really do try to get back to you, but weeks like these, let’s just say they are so challenging…I think everyone will all be fine, thank God there are no serious illnesses. With all of that said, I’ll let you get back to your shopping and looking forward to a new project! 

Here are the supplies you’ll need for this week’s project. I’m going to add a few links to some pretty napkins, the rest of the supplies are written exactly the way you’ll find them in a search. Since my site goes through Amazon, you won’t have to leave the site to get anything else you want. 

Lettuce Napkins                                                          

Rose Napkins                                                                    

Magnolia Napkin                                                       

Indigo Butterfly Napkins                                           

Jeweled Butterfly Napkins                                            


Other supplies you’ll need: 

A Piggy Bank, if it’s porcelain, you will want to use chalk paint over it as a base coat. Same goes for plastic. 

Napkin Decoupage Glue

Martha Stewart Assorted Glitter

Chalk Paint *background color of napkin and chalk paint should match

Small Curved Scissors 

Triple Thick Glaze, (spray or brush on) 

  • May need Flat Back Gems 



DIY Mixed Media Decoupage Glass Plate

Mixed Media Decoupaged glass plate

Easing into Mixed Media with Decoupage 

Don’t be worried if you’ve never done a mixed media project. Mixed media means that instead of using paint, (which is one sort of medium) you are using, paints, inks, stamps, papers, glitter, stencils and other items you may want. I am going to keep this blog post very short this week since it’s been THAT kind of week. I am going to post the video very shortly and I only just now remembered that I had not even completed the blog post! I’m one hour away from watching my Korean Drama’s! I have to get this done quickly. But I digress….I’ll show you in the video step by step how to use mixed media with decoupage. I love that you can also use this plate as a hostess gift. Why bring a plate of cookies on a plate that you need back? Make a beautiful plate or platter and bring the cookies, dessert or appetizer that you promised you would bring, wrap them lovingly in some iridescent plastic wrap with a matching ribbon, and present the dish as a hostess gift. I’m telling you, your host/hostess will be very happy. What a nice surprise for all of their hard work. This project was made using images of Vintage roses and carnations that are my copyrighted images. But you are allowed to use them in your crafts to sell at craft shows or on Etsy. As long as you don’t copy and sell the images you’re safe! 

Here’s the link to my store Zazzle:

*that link will take you to the papers I used for this project. 

So without further ado, here are the items you’ll need for this project. I’m going to supply one link this week, you can copy the list of supplies and just continue to enter those words into the search to buy everything that you need. You can also buy whatever Amazon needs you have while you’re shopping for supplies, you don’t have to sign out and start all over again! 


Vintage Roses Tissue paper (see Link above) 

Glitter Assortment                                             

Dye Ink Stamps, (must be DYE ink not pigment

Napkin Decoupage Glue 

Dishwasher safe Decoupage glue *enter this phrase in the search bar through the above link

Clear Glass Plate 

decorative Plate holder

Maya Gold Paint

Chalk Paint

Triple Thick Glaze *you won’t need this if using the dishwasher safe decoupage glue

Splatter brush or toothbrush

mini paint roller

Dye Ink

small stencils

Rubber stamps

Ink Blending Tool

Heat Gun (in crafts ) 



DIY Repurposed Coffee Can to Storage E Z Decoupage

This Used to be A Coffee Can! 

Not only can you roll up magazines and place them in here for storage, but if you use the larger sized cans of coffee you can keep a spare roll of Toilet paper inside. No one will ever have to ask you where the extra roll is because it will be enclosed in this lovely storage container. 

Necessity is the Mother of Invention and the Inspiration behind so many of my projects

That’s why my book is titled, “Upcycle with Decoupage” It’s projects like these that I love the most. I have plenty of napkins on hand, I have plenty of cans around and a very inexpensive project becomes something that looks quite charming and it’s functional! LOVE that! So aside from the coffee cans, you’ll also need some saran wrap, heavy grit nail files and furniture polish. *The furniture polish is to remove any labels and residue from the metal cans. 

Here are the links to everything else you’ll need. Don’t forget! You can do all of your Amazon shopping while you’re on my site. Let’s say you’re going to purchase the variety pack of Martha Stewart Glitter. You add it to your cart then think….”You know what? I really wanted to buy that gift for Aunt Martha….” Simply go back up to the search bar and enter what you’re looking for. You don’t have to only buy what I recommend and you don’t have to sign out and sign back in again. 

Don’t forget …Upcycle with Decoupage is on Facebook, if you like and follow my page, Facebook will notify you as soon as I put a new video out! 

If Any of the links don’t work, simply click on any high-lighted link, and enter the descriiptive words into the search. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

E6000 glue *clear                                                         

Chalk paint asst.                                                            

Martha Stewart Glitter Set                                             

Pearl Rhinestone Ribbon Trim                                           

Grey Velvet Ribbon                                                         

Organza Ribbon                                                               

Embossing Gun Kit  *image below                                     

Maya Gold Paint  *  also in Petrol, Violet & Blue                 

Napkins (Link is just above napkin image)                                                                                   

Napkin Decoupage Glue