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Posted by admin_upcycle on August 4, 2016

DIY Simple Decoupage Cell Phone Smartphone case

For this weeks video I was inspired by two things. This lovely napkin pattern and the cost of the cell phone cases I found at a kiosk in the mall. I mean, over 40 dollars for one piece of plastic with a design on it? Wow! That’s harsh. Not only will I show you how to make your own lovely smart phone or cell phone case, but you can make them for others. What a nice Christmas gift…Or at this price, stocking stuffer. You can always add jewels or crystals over your decoupage but make sure to use E600 glue. If you would like to purchase from me you can head on over to the “shop” menu above. When looking for napkins you would need to make sure the category bar is on the “Kitchen & Housewares” and be as specific as you can be when you enter your words in the search bar. Green paisley napkins, Blue bird napkins, floral napkins, French themed napkins…etc. You will also want to go back to the craft category for most of your other supplies. Speaking of supplies, here’s what you will need.

Smart Phone case
Decoupage Glue (preferably napkin decoupage glue)
Fine artists brush
Decorative paper napkin of your choice
Triple Thick Spray (or brush on) Top Coat

Since this is a brand new website and I’m just learning how to use it, I will be making changes as we all go forward with our decoupage projects. This font will change, there will be more pictures and I’m going to add our weekly videos. If you found my blog post through some other means than my video, please feel free to head on over to youtube and enter “patioelf” in the search. You will see my channel pop up and you can watch over 200 videos!!! That’s a lot I know. I mean you have over 200 how to video’s to chose from. Don’t forget to like and follow me on Facebook by clicking the Facebook Icon above! Thanks friends!

Posted by admin_upcycle on August 2, 2016

Welcome to my new Site!

Hi Friends and welcome to my new website!!! It’s taken me over 3 months to get my site up and running but thanks to the help I got from Steve @ Freelancer.com *which is a pay for help site)…I was able to get our new site up and running. I’m still going to make a lot of mistakes, I’m sure but at least you should be able to finally shop using a search engine here! I’ll be adding blog posts and pictures each week as I add new video’s to youtube.

Decoupage and Transfers will become so simple for you….and if they are not you can contact me here,or on  Facebook or youtube and I can help you out.  I will be adding some of my older video’s here to the site so you can find those easier than you could if you were on youtube.I’ll add my most viewed videos and a few of my favorites. Furniture items tend to be the most viewed items on youtube but we want to be able to work on much smaller projects than that right? I like to do a larger furniture piece every other month maybe. But things like bottles, cans, jars, boxes, and-well you know me  *if you have been subscribed to my youtube channel-I will decoupage almost anything! I’ll add the supplies right here for you too, so you don’t even have to leave your house. Comes in really handy when it’s freezing or snowing out. Of if you just don’t live that close to a retail establishment. I plan on adding a few surprises to our site along the way too. By the way, I say our site meaning yours and mine. This site wouldn’t exist without all of you. When I write I am writing to you! So it really is our site. Add me to your favorites so you can come back easily when you want to. Have fun looking through my completed works here, check out all of the pages…and stay tuned for pictures that I take and will add to our site. I’m a huge fan of nature and find myself outside a lot. I live on a hillside across from a creek and a mile from the majestic Delaware River. Perhaps you live in a city, or another country and you just can’t seem to find an idyllic country setting, a quaint little town, a cottage built from stone…I’ll find them for you and post the pictures here. You can sip a cup of hot cocoa, or your favorite coffee or tea as you look through the pictures and relax…..OK, friends, I am now off to edit this week’s video for you! Welcome to our new home!

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