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It’s all about the happy home!

Crafters are not complicated. How hard is it to say “You are a Genius!” then give us some chocolate?

Hello and a warm welcome!

Let’s pretend you just moved into my neighborhood.  You don’t know anyone, you don’t know what to expect, you don’t even know if your neighbors are friendly! Well ya know what? I am that neighbor that is very friendly. I’m a typical middle child and I just want everyone to get along. Let’s have fun when we get together! Ya know what else? Here in my neighborhood, I am not the one who cooks, but the one who decoupages, and I’ll do a few other crafts here and there too. I’ll explain how to do the decoupage or craft projects that I picture. I also am that person who tends to pick up both stray animals and pieces of furniture or other unused items that are being discarded, and bring them back to life. Like this glass milk bottle. Someone was throwing it out! “But it’s Glass!” I yelled to no one .  A lovely little table that someone dropped off at the Salvation Army thrift store? Let’s turn it into a romantic little place to have our afternoon tea! When it’s not in use, Of course I leave the pearls adrift in that open drawer. (I also spray a piece of cotton with my favorite perfume and tuck it away in the back of the drawer)

But I digress. I like to take things that are no longer wanted, that sometimes end up in the trash or the landfills….and use them again. Sometimes for beauty but also for use. Hence my business name, Upcycle With Decoupage. You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter too! I’m happy to help you out when I can, and I provide links to the products you’ll be needing in order to complete the projects I do. Don’t you have some glass, metal, wood,  porcelain, terra cotta, plastic or canvas around that have always wanted to do something with? I’m pretty bad that way. I see something, let’s say it’s just a pretty bottle at someone’s home. “Can I have that bottle when you’re done with it?” And I’ll keep the bottle until I get inspired by something! Could be a picture that I see, a scene, a romantic movie, (they always inspire me) a walk along the Towpath!!! That’s my favorite…or a stroll along the beach. I am always coming up with more and more ideas! I probably have a video on my Youtube channel. Patioelf, if you want to have a look around. I’ve decoupaged all of the surfaces I can think of, even accidentally my dog. Things drip right? 

So feel free to follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube (my channel name is Patioelf on youtube) and subscribing is always nice! And Welcome to my neighborhood! 



Upcycling With Decoupage

Making your world pretty- one video or blog post at a time…

Before and after. (where I keep the rest of my pearls) 

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