Acrylic Paint Dirty Pour over Terra Cotta Pot, Canvas and Glass

Dirty Pour Acrylic Paint has to be the coolest name…         

I normally decoupage everything I can get my hands on as most of you know. But I’m also a crafter, a painter and an experimenter. I watch Youtube Video’s just like you. When I accidentally stumbled across a video called Beginners Dirty pour acrylic paints, I had to watch it. Not only did that title pull me in but the image they were showing on youtube was beautiful. It looked like something that you would find if you were able to go to the center of the earth. I also noticed some of the paintings looked like beautiful skies or sunsets, mountain sides when you see the whole range of colors in those solid rocks that have slid away revealing these gorgeous works of art that are just there! I knew I had to try this and so I did. Not only did I love it from the very first time, I kept on doing it and doing it and I’m so hooked on it, I have to find time to do my decoupage. I’m serious, this is addictive! 

There are several amazing artists on youtube who do these acrylic pours and while most of them stick to a few staple supplies, they all have different ways of making these, over different surfaces using different additives. If you’re just beginning a very good place to start is with MIXED MEDIA GIRL / she’s very thorough and easy to understand. I like her way of making video’s too. She’s very relaxing and pleasant. I don’t know her but I’ve watched so many of her videos. There are several other video’s out there too though so if you’re in interested in this feel free to search them all out. You’ll be amazed! 

Have fun with this guys, in time I’ll make a video showing you how I used my decoupage papers over this surface, and I’m adding my designs to my page on Zazzle. You can go to my Zazzle page by using this link.

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Here are the some of the supplies to get your started. 

acrylic paint set                                                

7 Pack of Canvas          value pack                   

Gallon White craft glue                                     

brush set      Best Seller                                   

Triple Thick Glaze brush on                             

Triple Thick Glaze Spray * Rustoleum             

Butane Torch                                                    

Coconut Milk (hair product with Dimethicone  

Terra Cotta Sealer                                             

Large popsicle sticks                                        

Butterfly Punch (my favorite!)                            



2 Comments on “Acrylic Paint Dirty Pour over Terra Cotta Pot, Canvas and Glass

  1. Fantastic idea..definitely trying this over my terra cotta pots. I watched a few Utube videos…but of course I found yours to be more informative. Thanks for coming up with new ideas.

  2. Hi Sandra and thank you for saying that. I try so hard to make it easy to understand my instructions. I can get overwhelmed watching other videos myself, so I always er on the side of too much information rather than not enough …(you’ve probably noticed that 🙂

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