How to Decoupage a French themed Heart

Decoupage a French Heart for Valentines Day

To see the video you can watch here:

Ready to add a new twist on the painted paper mache heart? let’s decoupage it! 

You’ll also want some chalk paint to match your napkins, and in this project I used a punch. Here’s the link to the one I used and Wow, I’m surprised how often I use this punch and for today’s purposes I think you’re going to like how we even decoupaged our butterflies!  For other supplies you may want you can continue to shop through any of these links. Just click on any link and start shopping. 


For supplies the link is above each image..

5 inch papier mach’e heart    ————————————————

Napkin Decoupage Glue  —————————————————-

Other Supplies

mini drill (optional



saran wrap

white coffee filters (flat ones work best but you can use the round ones too) 

adhesive gems or pearls

decorative key

Hot glue 

(string lights-optional) 





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