DIY Decoupage & chalk paint a tea pot Beach themed

How to Paint and Decoupage a Beach Themed Teapot 


you can watch the DIY Video here:

First let me say two things….I have had these napkins for years and I can’t find them anymore-so I am sorry that I couldn’t find them to put here on my post, (thought I did find several other beautiful napkins!) and the second thing is, I am only using this teapot for decorative purposes. For that reason I was happy to find this beat up one in the thrift store. It’s one of those items where someone probably wondered if they should donate it or not wondering what good it would be to someone-AND this turned out to be one of my favorite projects. I love most things to do with the sea having grown up frequenting the Jersey Shore way before it became world famous. Memories of my families on both sides, going to the shore. Parents would set up blankets, bring the coolers with lunches and drinks, the bags full of sunscreen and of course a radio. While the kids all ran into the ocean as if it was a candy store. Night’s were then spent on the boardwalk-I wasn’t one to go on the rides like most of my cousins but I did love to hang out with my Grandma Conlon. I loved both of my grandmothers, but this Grandma liked to play the machines where she would win toys and trinkets for all of us. There were 16 grandkids and we were just as happy with the toys that came out of the machines as we were with the toys that came from the toy store. She used to give me coins because I got very good at winning on those big glass machines that had the claws on them. I didn’t even care that I wasn’t winning something for me, I was making my Grandmother happy and that made me feel pretty special. 

Hydrangeas and Butterflies

Even as a young child I always remembered seeing those canvas awnings around most of the homes along with large family sized porches…and hydrangeas. Maybe that’s another reason why hydrangeas are my favorite flower. The few times that I have seen the butterflies land on the hydrangeas I thought it was magical somehow. It was certainly pretty and I was born with that artistic leaning- so I was very drawn to the flowers and the butterflies, still am. That’s how our beach inspired teapot was created. I was missing the shore. I found the teapot in the thrift store and knew I could make it pretty again. 

In the video I used Annie Sloan chalk paints. Her paints are not that easy to find. I have used the paints listed below to do other ocean themed projects and they’re a nice substitute. The video was made a while ago so I’ve learned from people’s comments that they can’t just run right out to buy the Annie Sloan paint. If you have it, great, but if not, I’ve supplied the links to the colors you’ll need to complete this project. Don’t forget, you can buy anything that you like while you’re on Amazon, you don’t have to sign out after buying what you need for this project. You can get what you need/want, then continue to shop for everything else you’re looking for. 

Have fun friends! 

Here’s the supply list. 


Small Curved scissors                                                          

Mica Flakes * Mother of Pearl                                               

craft sand                                                                             

Elmers Glue                                                                          

Coarse Glitter * Martha Stewart                                                                Triple Thick clear Top Coat                                                  

craft pearls Ivory and white                                                    

aprox 50 seashells asst size and shapes                                                                            

White Chalk Paint  (Adirondack color)                                                         Seaside Villa colored Chalk paint                                         

Glacier Colored Chalk paint                                                   

Pouncer Sponge brush                                                          

Professional Splatter Brush                                                    

Napkin Decoupage Glue                                                        

Shades of Indigo Butterfly napkins                                         

Caspari Dayrol butterfly napkins                                                

Aporia Butterfly *and flower napkin                                              

Hydrangea Napkins                                                                       

Blush Hydrangea napkins                                                

Butterfly and Hydrangea Napkin                                      


2 Comments on “DIY Decoupage & chalk paint a tea pot Beach themed

  1. Thank you for getting back to me Patti. I love everything you make. All so beautiful. I do have another question though. Can you tell me where to get the lilac and green Lilac (flower) napkins? I would love to do that little bathroom collection of perfume bottles for my daughter as a gift.

    1. hello, I have napkins from so many years ago that sometimes it’s very hard to find them. I do know you can do a search on Ebay where they sell a lot of napkins that are older or harder to find as well as popular ones. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Thank you for your kind words!

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