DIY Make the World’s Prettiest Cat Litter Box Decoupage

How to Decorate & Decoupage the prettiest Kitty Litter Box  For supply list, skip to center of page..

10 years ago my husband told me about these feral cats that hung out at his shop. He has a landscaping business, and the cats used to sleep under the trailers especially when it rained. He said that once in awhile he would get down on the ground with the cats hoping they would approach him. One of the cats did. She was clearly not a feral cat. As the summer ended and the colder months approached my husband told me that he thought he might be feeding the friendly cat too much since she was getting fat. I didn’t think much of it except that it was very sweet of him to take this cat under his wing. It was getting near the time of year when the weather would become cold, blustery and sometimes snowy…and he mentioned that it was a good thing this cat was gaining weight to survive the winter.  “But- added, it’s so funny, she’s getting a beer belly.” I asked what he meant by that and he said that instead of gaining weight all over, she was only gaining it in her tummy. I told him that meant she was going to have kittens and that we now had to take her in. Those kittens wouldn’t survive the winter or the streets. He brought her home and we named her Molly, and for a couple of months, Molly wasn’t wild about me. She loved my husband and even though I fed her, when I tried to pet her, she would slink back just enough to let me know she was uncomfortable. I was afraid she would bite me or swat at me, so I left her alone. When she finally had the kittens, I found it hard to believe that she only had 2 kittens, and sadly the first one was born dead, and it’s hind legs had never quite formed. The second kitten was alive and in perfect shape. We took both of them to the Vet’s office the next day to make sure they were both ok. I also wanted to make sure that no kittens had gotten stuck in the birth canal. All was fine and the receptionists seemed to love Molly. They said, “What a sweetheart this cat is…” I think both of us -Molly and I were a little leary of each other in those early days. From that day on we became besties and she is on my lap more than anywhere else in the house these days. We named the only kitten Boo Boo because he looked a lot like Boo Boo the bear as a baby. We reasoned that since she only had one kitten we couldn’t give him away. We had one cat but she was 19 years old and we knew we would not have her much longer. Here we are ten years later and Molly and Boo are inside cats preferring to have a litter box on both floors of our house. I was so tired of the plain plastic containers that I decided to decoupage one of the boxes, and that’s how our project was born. 

Getting the most out of your Kitty Litter- A hack of sorts….

You know how kitty litter is so expensive? – I mean that it’s not cheap and the fact that we’re just going to throw it away and then buy more to throw away? That’s expensive.  We buy it for the best price ever at one of the big box stores, and even though it’s a good brand it’s not the new one that’s out on the market called Slide. The Slide product advertises that it will not stick to the sides or bottom of your kitty litter box. You know what? The ads are true. Of course it’s a little bit more expensive, so what I do is add a couple of inches of the Slide to the bottom of the kitty litter box and add the regular clumping litter over it, another couple of inches. There’s my hack….This way I keep scooping off the top, and when I do clean out the litter box, it all slides right out. That is a huge time saver AND I don’t have to wear a dust mask. 

Supply List

Plastic Kitty Litter Box 

Small curved scissors

Hydrangea napkins 

Spray paint for Plastic

Napkin Decoupage Glue

Triple Thick Spray Glaze

Martha Stewart Coarse Glitter

Medium Grit Sandpaper or Nail file

E6000 Glue

Furniture Onlay

*Jewel or old piece of jewelry to fit over screw hole in Onlay 

If you want to add a different color over your spray paint  you can use chalk paint.   Chalk paint tends to give a velvety rich look to a piece making plastic look more like stone-that step is optional though and I did not use it in the video.

You can click on any link below to get all of the products. You will be taken to Amazon and thank you! It really helps me out when you make your purchases on Amazon through my links.  

High End Kitty Litter Box                                                           

Hi-sided  Kitty Litter Box                                                                 

Standard Kitty Litter Box (like the one used in video)                    

Spray Paint for Plastic                                                                      

Scroll Furniture Inlay  *see image below                                          

Americana Chalk Paint Sampler                                                          

E 6000 Glue                                                                                          





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