How To Decoupage with Wax over a Luminara Flameless Candle

Decoupage With Wax? But How you ask…..

It’s so easy and fun, I think you’re going to love this craft. You may even have every supply that you need on hand. If you don’t want to use a craft iron which you can purchase here:

you can use the “paint on” method that I show in the video. You can purchase napkins here or you may some lovely ones in your stash that you have been saving for a special occasion. 

If you are not wild about roses or this particular pattern you can still click on any link on this page and enter a search that is specific to what you’re looking for. Do you want Blue Hydrangea napkins? Aviary themed napkins? French Script? Or would you like to see what your favorite designers are offering? You can search for Michel Design napkins, Punch Studio or Cypress Home. There are other designers out there too. I have been collecting napkins for as long as I can remember. I used to buy them before I knew what to do with them…and I have a few oldies that have been out of circulation for years now but I’ll always find used for them. Back to our project…did you know that you could decoupage using wax? About 3 years ago I was watching a video where someone took a Christmas image that she liked, and placed it over a candle. She placed wax paper over the image and then used a blow dryer to heat the wax enough where the image would settle into it and the wax from the correct side of the waxed paper would hold the image over the candle. Naturally as a crafter like you – I experimented with all types of papers. Some were too thick, (Card Stock) some were too crisp, (Newspaper and magazine) and before long I realized that this craft would work with napkins but I had another idea. I decided to do a faux encaustic look over glass jars. 

Dreamy Romantic Decoupage

The end result was so impressive I began to turn bottles, jars and votives into this wax covered decoupaged pieces. It had a very old fashioned look to it and with the endless supply of napkins available-I knew this could keep me busy for months. Especially around the holidays. So I got the following supplies together and made the video above for you to watch and see what I did. As always, don’t forget that you don’t have to purchase just what I list on my site here, You can click on any link and search for anything else you need so you can continue to shop on Amazon without leaving the site. Here’s what I used for this project and the links are right next to it if you would like to purchase that item or just read about it. 

3.5 X 5 (tall) Luminara Flameless Candle                       

The remote is included in this set which always costed me an extra ten dollars! Please note that there is only candle in this purchase. 

Glass Candle holder Plate (6 inches around)               

Lo Tac painters tape                                                    

Stainless Steel Saucepan (11 dollars)                         

Melting Pot    * Best seller                                             

Tea Lights, (100 for 12.99!)                                          

Tongs *you won’t need these if purchasing the melting pot

Chip Brushes         *24 for 12.00                                      

You may want to shop for Tulle or Lace to match your napkins. The link for the craft iron is above.

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have fun Friends!



2 Comments on “How To Decoupage with Wax over a Luminara Flameless Candle

  1. I love what you do patti. I have a question. Have you ever used cut up wallpaper borders to make beautiful items with. I have the wallpaper borders and ideas. Just never attempted to decoupage with them. Can you try it for me. Thanks for your time. Love, Barb

    1. Hi Barb and thank you. I have worked with wall paper but it is so thick it requires dozens and dozens of coats of decoupage glue in order to make the wall paper edges disappear onto the surface. In the past I have used it over planters (terra cotta pots) and instead of anyone complimenting the piece they asked, “so you used wall paper for this?” LOL, that’s not the response I want to elicit. I don’t work with it anymore since there are so many napkins, and other types of papers that are so much easier to work with-that also have much nicer results. 🙂 You can still do it, just cut out the images from the wall papers and decoupage it over a surface. It’s good practice…hope this helps Barb!

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