How To Decoupage over Wicker

Have a wicker basket laying around?  

Instead of throwing it out, why not reuse it? Keep magazines in here, the doggies toys, reuse it as a trash container to perfectly match the boudoir. Or like me, you can use it for the lint that comes out of your dryer.  I mentioned in the video that this wicker basket has seen better days, it’s a little beat up….but for what I’m using it for who cares? There’s a clunky plastic container there now. I love to have pretty things around me…even when I’m doing my laundry. I also mentioned that you want to make sure you have a napkin with a background color that matches your spray paint. Yes, you can use chalk paint or acrylic but it’s so so much faster and easier to use a spray paint. I especially love to use these: 

You can click on that link and get the color that you want, you may want an off white or another lighter color. You always need to use a lighter color when working with napkins. This brand of spray paint? I’ve used it on shoes, fabric, wood, glass and plastic. I love NOT having to have 5 cans of spray paint sitting around when just the one would do the trick! And of course, we will want to look at the lovely selection of napkins…

or these:  

I wish I had seen these first! These are adorable! 

how about some roses? 

This always happens! I want to stop writing my blog post and go buy all of these napkins! Inspiration is hitting me and it’s hitting hard! 

Decoupage with Any Napkins you like 

Did you know that can click on any link and enter a search phrase for what you’re looking for? How about looking up Punch Studio napkins? Or Michel Design, IHR or Cypress Home…

I could go on forever! But let’s not forget the most important tool in our arsenal. Napkin Decoupage glue….

Here are a few other items that you may want in order to finish this project. 

Martha Stewart Coarse Glitter                             

I’m listing this glitter which has all 3 types of Martha’s Arctic glitter because it seems to me that the 4.5 ounce bottle is selling for too much on Amazon. I wouldn’t buy it and I won’t pass along those kinds of Non-savings to you either. 

Aqua Brush                                                   

Triple Thick spray glaze                                

Chip Brushes                                                 

And in case you’re looking for that Laser printer…’s my favorite:

That’s all Folks! There aren’t a lot of items to buy this week (which is a good thing) but that also means the project is that much easier to do! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook.

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Would you like to have a look at my line of papers on Zazzle? Here’s the link for those. I would not recommend you use these on wicker but they’re great for glass, wood, plastic, metal, I could go on…

& as always, have FUN! 

2 Comments on “How To Decoupage over Wicker

  1. Hi Pati:

    I went to try to find your website from one of the older youtube videos… and it took me to a blank page… couple of times, until I got here, by finding your latest video and using that link.

    Second, in your shop, it would have been helpful, since you do so much decoupage to have a dedicated decoupage category. I just went there, trying to find “top coat” that you have mentioned in your videos.. and 300+ results came. You can always link all of your supplies used in your video or tell us to come to your blog for a supply list, like the one you have here above. Thank you.

    lastly, for flat surfaces, I love this technique shown in this Slovenian video. I also like how the supplies are mentioned in the subtitles (though white is hard to see).

    Last comment, since this is private… when decoupaging furniture, like that gorgeous table, so famous, you can use a wood filler and fill in the holes and gaps first, so that it will be more durable, and you don’t accidentally ruin the decoupage work with a thin long object, like poking it with a pen. Just an FYI.

    Thank you for everything. I do enjoy watching your videos.



    1. Hi Eve,
      so I’m a little confused here. When I make a video I put the blog post link below each video taking you to the blog where I list every thing I use in the video and the links to it. Do you mean when you found my new website and searched for “top coat” -300 results came up?
      As far as the older video’s – I was using a different company for my web hosting and I’ve changed the website on a lot of video’s but for some reason, it won’t work on the older ones. I haven’t been able to change those. Under Blog posts I do have titles that you can click on showing you which projects are decoupage and which ones are not.
      I encourage people to use what ever methods they like when it comes to decoupage so it’s nice that you found one that you like, it’s not my cup of tea but if it works for you, that’s good. Since I’ve been doing this for a couple of decades, the feedback that I’ve gotten back again and again is that people do not want me to repair the holes or scratches since they love the vintage look. I tend to like that look too. I know what you mean, that paper can be torn so in some instances I will mention that in a video (especially furniture) but I also mention that if the furniture is going to be used a lot you would really want to do that. I tend to use a lot of my pieces for display only so I haven’t had a problem with tears – It could be that the decoupage glue is so strong too. If this helps, I tend to use Liquitex matte varnish for a very flat (no shine) top coat. I also use Liquitex for a satin finish, and for high gloss I use the Triple Thick Top coat, sometimes the spray and sometimes the one you apply with a brush. For furniture that is used often I will apply the 2 part resin products/ there are a few on the market-I tend to use Envirotex often. It dries to a glass like finish and it’s really pretty. There is a little bit of a learning curve with that though so I always encourage people to try it out on a small box first. Hope that helps!

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