Month: July 2017

How To Decoupage with Wax over a Luminara Flameless Candle

Decoupage With Wax? But How you ask…..

It’s so easy and fun, I think you’re going to love this craft. You may even have every supply that you need on hand. If you don’t want to use a craft iron which you can purchase here:

you can use the “paint on” method that I show in the video. You can purchase napkins here or you may some lovely ones in your stash that you have been saving for a special occasion. 

If you are not wild about roses or this particular pattern you can still click on any link on this page and enter a search that is specific to what you’re looking for. Do you want Blue Hydrangea napkins? Aviary themed napkins? French Script? Or would you like to see what your favorite designers are offering? You can search for Michel Design napkins, Punch Studio or Cypress Home. There are other designers out there too. I have been collecting napkins for as long as I can remember. I used to buy them before I knew what to do with them…and I have a few oldies that have been out of circulation for years now but I’ll always find used for them. Back to our project…did you know that you could decoupage using wax? About 3 years ago I was watching a video where someone took a Christmas image that she liked, and placed it over a candle. She placed wax paper over the image and then used a blow dryer to heat the wax enough where the image would settle into it and the wax from the correct side of the waxed paper would hold the image over the candle. Naturally as a crafter like you – I experimented with all types of papers. Some were too thick, (Card Stock) some were too crisp, (Newspaper and magazine) and before long I realized that this craft would work with napkins but I had another idea. I decided to do a faux encaustic look over glass jars. 

Dreamy Romantic Decoupage

The end result was so impressive I began to turn bottles, jars and votives into this wax covered decoupaged pieces. It had a very old fashioned look to it and with the endless supply of napkins available-I knew this could keep me busy for months. Especially around the holidays. So I got the following supplies together and made the video above for you to watch and see what I did. As always, don’t forget that you don’t have to purchase just what I list on my site here, You can click on any link and search for anything else you need so you can continue to shop on Amazon without leaving the site. Here’s what I used for this project and the links are right next to it if you would like to purchase that item or just read about it. 

3.5 X 5 (tall) Luminara Flameless Candle                       

The remote is included in this set which always costed me an extra ten dollars! Please note that there is only candle in this purchase. 

Glass Candle holder Plate (6 inches around)               

Lo Tac painters tape                                                    

Stainless Steel Saucepan (11 dollars)                         

Melting Pot    * Best seller                                             

Tea Lights, (100 for 12.99!)                                          

Tongs *you won’t need these if purchasing the melting pot

Chip Brushes         *24 for 12.00                                      

You may want to shop for Tulle or Lace to match your napkins. The link for the craft iron is above.

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have fun Friends!



How To Decoupage over Wicker

Have a wicker basket laying around?  

Instead of throwing it out, why not reuse it? Keep magazines in here, the doggies toys, reuse it as a trash container to perfectly match the boudoir. Or like me, you can use it for the lint that comes out of your dryer.  I mentioned in the video that this wicker basket has seen better days, it’s a little beat up….but for what I’m using it for who cares? There’s a clunky plastic container there now. I love to have pretty things around me…even when I’m doing my laundry. I also mentioned that you want to make sure you have a napkin with a background color that matches your spray paint. Yes, you can use chalk paint or acrylic but it’s so so much faster and easier to use a spray paint. I especially love to use these: 

You can click on that link and get the color that you want, you may want an off white or another lighter color. You always need to use a lighter color when working with napkins. This brand of spray paint? I’ve used it on shoes, fabric, wood, glass and plastic. I love NOT having to have 5 cans of spray paint sitting around when just the one would do the trick! And of course, we will want to look at the lovely selection of napkins…

or these:  

I wish I had seen these first! These are adorable! 

how about some roses? 

This always happens! I want to stop writing my blog post and go buy all of these napkins! Inspiration is hitting me and it’s hitting hard! 

Decoupage with Any Napkins you like 

Did you know that can click on any link and enter a search phrase for what you’re looking for? How about looking up Punch Studio napkins? Or Michel Design, IHR or Cypress Home…

I could go on forever! But let’s not forget the most important tool in our arsenal. Napkin Decoupage glue….

Here are a few other items that you may want in order to finish this project. 

Martha Stewart Coarse Glitter                             

I’m listing this glitter which has all 3 types of Martha’s Arctic glitter because it seems to me that the 4.5 ounce bottle is selling for too much on Amazon. I wouldn’t buy it and I won’t pass along those kinds of Non-savings to you either. 

Aqua Brush                                                   

Triple Thick spray glaze                                

Chip Brushes                                                 

And in case you’re looking for that Laser printer…’s my favorite:

That’s all Folks! There aren’t a lot of items to buy this week (which is a good thing) but that also means the project is that much easier to do! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook.

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Would you like to have a look at my line of papers on Zazzle? Here’s the link for those. I would not recommend you use these on wicker but they’re great for glass, wood, plastic, metal, I could go on…

& as always, have FUN! 

How To Do an Image Transfer over a Kitchen Towel

You can use any Image you would like to transfer…

You may have a favorite picture, or you may want to have a look around the Graphics Fairy. But you will want to make sure that you are using a laser print. Most of us have multi functional printers in our homes and those printers are normally not laser printers. They are ink jet printers. The ink is not permanent. The ink will run and bleed. For this project you will either want to use your own laser printer, borrow a friends, or if you’re here in the US you can go to any copy center and make copies yourself. All of the copiers in the Copy centers use laser prints. (with the exception of some of the very large printing copiers) If you would like to purchase a laser printer or just read more about it you can do that here:  

This printer is retailing on Amazon (which the above link will take you to) for 40% off list price right now. (July 5th 2017) 

I used 2 graphics from the Graphics Fairy that felt like they belonged in the kitchen-including the image of the sheep/lamb above. I especially loved the French script on these. Something you may want to keep in mind….if you’re not sure how to print in reverse, you may want to choose any image that does not include script or words of any type for your graphic. That will make it easy to just print the image you want and work from there. There are some graphics that include script on the Graphics Fairy that are already flipped (reversed) for you, so that you can easily print them out too. 

How to Begin our Image Transfer onto a Kitchen Towel

You may want to practice this on an old pillow case. Since I am strictly using these towels for decorative purposes only ( The paints and gel medium will render them useless for cleaning or drying) I made sure to work on a flat material. You know how most kitchen towels are already absorbent and fluffy-ish? I went to the dollar store and purchased a set of 5 towels for 4.44. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t find plain flat white, I knew I was going to paint them anyway. If you have a plain white towel or pillowcase, you can follow these same instructions and skip the painting. I do not think these will be machine washable. The paint and the gel medium make them dry so that they are stiff and I don’t think the gel medium will hold up in the washing machine. You could try it but for me? I’ll only be cleaning these towels with a damp cloth. I also experimented with acrylic paint and chalk paint. I use chalk paint for everything these days and I am always asked if a project that I have completed will work if using acrylic paint instead of chalk paint. I took one towel and painted acrylic paint on one side and chalk paint on the other. (This picture is showing the transfer drying on the chalk paint side-while the acrylic paint is drying on the other side) Also? I diluted the chalk paint. 1 teaspoon of chalk paint to 2 tablespoons of water. Mixed it up and brushed it over my surface. It’s best to work on a craft sheet or a piece of freezer paper (shiny side up) so this paint doesn’t go through to your surface. I then painted the other side of the towel with this stunning color by Martha Stewart, it’s one of her multi surface paints and even though it says it’s Pearl, it has some metallic brilliance to it also. This color is called Pearl Aquarium  which is included in this set.                 

I’ll list all of the supplies and links below so you can get what you want. Don’t forget—you can also buy anything else that you need on Amazon while you’re shopping through my site. No need to buy what you want here then have to sign out and sign into Amazon all over again. The chalk paint dried within minutes so while the pearl paint was drying I started to work on the transfer. I used an artists bristle brush to apply Matte Gel Medium over the area where I was going to apply my transfer. I tried to center the transfer then I added the medium. I will always use this product to do transfers. I made sure to apply a very heavy coat of the medium. Since you’re working with absorbent fibers you will want to make sure that the gel sinks in-you will also want your image to transfer properly.   I have used every other medium under the sun for transfers and maybe because I work on so many different types of surfaces, I prefer the Matte Gel Medium. It’s all I will use when it comes to transfers.   While the gel medium was still wet I applied my transfer with the image face down.   (You can see barely see the image through the paper)  Right away to make it easier later on in the project, I dipped my fingers in a cup of water  & placed some of it around back of the paper. You can now see how the image is  beginning to show through.  While it’s wet I am going to very carefully wipe away some of the wet paper. The paper will clump up into little lumps as you wipe it away-but be careful…the idea is not to remove all of the paper yet, you are only beginning the process to weaken the paper. In essence you are going to remove the paper and leave only the image behind-on an invisible gel medium. Once I’m done I’m going to put this outside to dry since it is a sunny 90 degree day in July here on the East Coast. By the time I was done applying this transfer my Pearl Paint had dried so I followed these same steps and applied a Rooster Image transfer to that side. I’ll follow all of the same steps here. Once everything dried I dipped my fingers in water and began to remove the rest of the paper. You can also use a rough wet rag to remove the paper but you will have to be careful since if you’re overzealous you can pull away some of your transfer as well as the paper.      You can see the difference once I’ve removed all of the paper. There is a large wet spot around the image so we’ll let it dry.  Back out into the hot sun I go.  I am using the wet rag over the rooster to remove the paper because the gel medium dried a lot harder over the paint. I believe it’s the paint and not the gel medium. The acrylic paint dries to almost a thin layer of plastic-and is not porous-unlike the chalk paint that dries to a very flat (no shine whatsoever) finish and is quite porous making it perfect for transfers. 

Once I wiped away all of the paper and let the both sides dry I brought the towel back in to take pictures of it in my kitchen.   Here is how the side turned out with the chalk paint on it. I folded the sides inward like I would with any other kitchen towel and placed it between two of the other towels that came in the set. You can see that I used an off white chalk paint for this side. Here’s how the other side of the towel looks.   I wanted to take a better picture of it so you could see that some of the image got wiped away.    It still looks pretty and a bit more vintage. I like that I can turn this towel around depending on my mood. If I have someone over on 2 consecutive nights I can hear them asking me if I put out a new towel since the night before. Some of my friends are very artsy too and they do notice these things. I had to much fun doing this project, I hope you give it a try. Sometimes it’s nice to do a transfer along with decoupage and a lot of times it’s just nice to simply do a transfer. Have fun with this! And I’ll be back on youtube next week with a new video. 




Matte Gel Medium                                          

watercolor oil or acrylic Paint brush set (best seller)          

chalk paint                                                      

Kitchen Towels                                               

This is a set of 7    28 x 28 inch all white 130 thread count kitchen towels.   $16.49 ! That’s a good price! Think of the gift ideas!