DIY Decoupage & Transfer a Canvas bag that lasts!

Decoupage and an Image Transfer over Canvas..Here’s how…

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We live near a dollar store but it’s one of those dollar stores that also sells Mattresses and party supplies. It’s an odd store to be sure, but they have a whole lot of “stuff” that I somehow always seem to need. Who doesn’t need a Cowboy Boot shaped Candle? I was happy to see a bunch of these canvas bags in the bag of the store. Looks like their whole family had been saving these bags for decades. There were company logo’s all over them, promotional slogans (like the one above) and names from boutiques and Dr.s offices. My Doctor never gave me any kind of bad like this. I was lucky to get an appointment-never mind a gift bag. I knew I could decoupage over these words so as long as I stuck with a lighter colored canvas bag, I was ready to upcycle and use these bags. In  the stores I end up paying a couple of dollars for the plain ones that fall apart after a year, or 10 dollars for the bags that have pretty decorations on them. I knew I could make this bag to look just like I wanted it to. I headed on over to the Graphics Fairy. You can have a look over there too but a word of warning, if you have never been to this site, you will need a long long time to see all of the goodies they have on this site. 

You can print some of these images already reversed if you are looking for any kind of writing. If you know how you can also print the images out on your own printer in reverse. I mentioned this in the video but I finally broke down and got a laser printer. Since I was doing so many transfers and the ink jet prints were running, bleeding or fading when I tried to do the transfers I knew I had to get a laser printer. Here’s my favorite, and it is a color printer.  

Before you purchase a laser printer, keep this in mind. Laser printers have come a long way and the colors now look just as good as the ink jet printers. They are more expensive though and to keep the prices down some manufactures will make the printer a printer only. Meaning you can’t make copies with it, can’t scan with it or use it for faxes. Since we have an office in our home we have another (ink jet) printer that does all of that. I bought this laser jet not realizing that it didn’t have all of the bells and whistles because I didn’t read about it. I assumed that it came with all of the above mentioned. That was my fault for being too excited about the printer and not reading about it-but it turned out, I didn’t need this printer to do all of that anyway. If you need something that does have the extras you would need to pay more and it’s a bit more than an ink jet printer, but the prints are waterproof which is why I bought this. The cartridges tend to be more expensive than ink jet printer refills too. Just so you’re aware. 

I also mentioned in the video that I just found out that you can waterdown chalk paint. I had no idea! There are video’s all over youtube about people painting furniture, and I mean the cushions!!! with this watered down mixture. I liked that I was able to experiment with this on a Canvas bag rather than finding out that I didn’t like it on a piece of furniture. I made a copy of the image I wanted from the Graphics Fairy, printed it out in reverse and took a hold of my Matte Gel Medium. Here’s the link to purchase that..

And applied my transfer. Once I finished the transfer and that was all done, I began to decoupage. 

Decoupage using an Iron

Ever use an iron to decoupage? You know what the biggest advantage to this is? No wrinkles. Imagine using an iron and ending up with no wrinkles. Where else in your house have you seen that?  As long as you add a full heavy coat of decoupage glue to the surface you’ll do well with this project. I can’t stress enough, you have to have full coverage of the decoupage glue. I’ve made a few video’s in the past using the iron method. I will get a couple of questions from people asking me why the napkin wouldn’t stick after they used the iron. It’s always because there wasn’t enough decoupage glue used. 

Canvas Bag as Beach bag, trash bag, shopping bag, gift bag

What can  you use these for? I’m sure you have even more ideas than I do. You could even do these as shower favors. Pink flowers for a girl baby, blue for boy, misty green or a soft yellow if you’re keeping it a secret. Wedding shower? Decoupage the flowers to match the color theme of the wedding. You can even write the names of the bride and groom on the bags and decoupage around those. I already put mine in the back seat of my car and I actually used it today. My husband texted me while I was editing today’s video saying that there was a problem with his truck, I was going to have to come pick him up. I gathered up our 3 dogs, got in the car and we went to rescue my husband like he’s done for me a hundred times. Unwrapped a piece of gum and put the wrapper in my new pretty trash bag.  (The dogs will be the only one to see that for a long while since I rarely have anyone in the back seat of the car-doesn’t matter, I can see it and I love the way it looks.) Here are the rest of the products you will need. Did you know that you can buy anything else you need while you’re shopping through my site? Click on any of the links to get what you would like, and then simply search for everything else you need -since it all goes through Amazon, you’ll get the free one or two day shipping if you’re a Prime member. 

I also told you I would give you a link to a blog post that help you if you have an ink jet printer, here’s that link.

Canvas Bags, (12 for 9.39)                                              

Chalk Paint *sampler set shown below                           

Chip Brushes                                                                  

Decoupage Glue                                                            

Water Brushes  *3 for 13.44                                              

Liquitex Matte Varnish                                                      

Parchment paper                                                              

Beautiful napkins                                  








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