DIY Beach Vacation Decoupage Box

Don’t you just love Beach Decor? Especially when you make it? Decoupage.

It’s the perfect medium- along with some paint and glitter,  to turn a plain box into something that’s not only usable but pretty. Now that it’s summer time? I felt especially inspired to do something with an ocean theme. For one thing the pretty napkins that you’ll need are back in season. Just like at Christmas-time when see all of the beautiful napkins with Santa, Holly and Reindeer on them. Now is the time you’ll find the most bountiful supply of ocean or sea themed napkins.  You can purchase the napkins here. Below the link is the image of the napkin you may want. :    



You can watch the how to video here:


You may also want to go with a gentle Starfish theme  

like these:  you may like the crab theme but want a different background like these napkins. 

Whatever your choice is, you can find them here. If you click on any of the links on this page you can enter a search for any type of napkin. Mermaids? Seashells? School of fish? What reminds you most of the shore or your favorite summer vacation spot? See the links to the rest of the supplies below. 

Repurposing a Liquor Bottle Box

One of my absolute favorite things to do is upcycle. Call it repurposing, upcycling or just decorating that certain item that you haven’t thrown away, knowing you would use it one day. My garage is full of those kinds of items. (Not to worry-we can still fit our car in the garage, I’ve got it under some form of control) So when my husband got this bottle of Bourbon as a gift, he knew exactly what I was thinking as he took the bottle out of it’s decorative wooden box. “Dan, ” he said, “I don’t know who is happier about this gift since you and I both know what she is going to do with this box.”  I’ll be sending him the video tomorrow. As soon as this box was dry and ready to use I began to put all of my nails polishes and supplies in it. But they were all different sizes, and a few of the bottles extended up over the top of the box. That wouldn’t do. Then I remembered that only a day ago I was thinking that I needed to find another way to store my paint brushes. Not only do I already have too many brushes, but I was storing them on a table top where I do my video’s, and instead of having one container with all of my brushes in it, I had about 5 and one of them was huge. It was the video I made showing you how to repurpose and decoupage a large plastic bottle. Like the size of a very large bleach bottle! I’ll still need a special jar for certain brushes, but all of the rest of them fit nicely into my new ocean themed box. Since my work table sits in a sunny location I am loving that the glitter on this box is drawing my eye right to this part of the room. Why is it that glitter makes me so happy? So does the ocean, so this was the perfect project for me – I hope you enjoy it too.

Amazon Prime

I hope you have Amazon Prime. The most common question I get by far is, “Where did you get those napkins?” I can tell you that the majority of the napkins that I use were purchased on Amazon. As were all of the incidentals that are needed to complete the projects I show you how to do. With free 2 day shipping and in some area’s one day shipping? I spend so much money there! If you want to order from my site, you don’t have to just stick to the items on my page. You can buy anything else you want while you’re there! 

Here’s the list of the other supplies you’ll need along with the links for you to purchase. You can always just head on over to Amazon by clicking on the link to read about the items too if you want. 

Whipped Spackle                                                                          

Craft Spatulas                                                                                 

Medium Sanding block                                                               

Chalk Paints (several colors)                                                       

Chip Brushes                                                                               

Artists brushes                                                                               

Napkin Decoupage glue                                                              

White Pearl Paint                                                                        

Martha Stewart Glitter asst.                                                        

Martha Stewart Coarse Glitter                                                    

Flexible Toothbrush                                                                    

Elmers Glue All                                                                           

E6000 Glue                                                                                 


Triple Thick Top Coat                                                                   






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