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DIY Decoupage & Transfer a Canvas bag that lasts!

Decoupage and an Image Transfer over Canvas..Here’s how…

You can watch the video here:


We live near a dollar store but it’s one of those dollar stores that also sells Mattresses and party supplies. It’s an odd store to be sure, but they have a whole lot of “stuff” that I somehow always seem to need. Who doesn’t need a Cowboy Boot shaped Candle? I was happy to see a bunch of these canvas bags in the bag of the store. Looks like their whole family had been saving these bags for decades. There were company logo’s all over them, promotional slogans (like the one above) and names from boutiques and Dr.s offices. My Doctor never gave me any kind of bad like this. I was lucky to get an appointment-never mind a gift bag. I knew I could decoupage over these words so as long as I stuck with a lighter colored canvas bag, I was ready to upcycle and use these bags. In  the stores I end up paying a couple of dollars for the plain ones that fall apart after a year, or 10 dollars for the bags that have pretty decorations on them. I knew I could make this bag to look just like I wanted it to. I headed on over to the Graphics Fairy. You can have a look over there too but a word of warning, if you have never been to this site, you will need a long long time to see all of the goodies they have on this site. 

You can print some of these images already reversed if you are looking for any kind of writing. If you know how you can also print the images out on your own printer in reverse. I mentioned this in the video but I finally broke down and got a laser printer. Since I was doing so many transfers and the ink jet prints were running, bleeding or fading when I tried to do the transfers I knew I had to get a laser printer. Here’s my favorite, and it is a color printer.  

Before you purchase a laser printer, keep this in mind. Laser printers have come a long way and the colors now look just as good as the ink jet printers. They are more expensive though and to keep the prices down some manufactures will make the printer a printer only. Meaning you can’t make copies with it, can’t scan with it or use it for faxes. Since we have an office in our home we have another (ink jet) printer that does all of that. I bought this laser jet not realizing that it didn’t have all of the bells and whistles because I didn’t read about it. I assumed that it came with all of the above mentioned. That was my fault for being too excited about the printer and not reading about it-but it turned out, I didn’t need this printer to do all of that anyway. If you need something that does have the extras you would need to pay more and it’s a bit more than an ink jet printer, but the prints are waterproof which is why I bought this. The cartridges tend to be more expensive than ink jet printer refills too. Just so you’re aware. 

I also mentioned in the video that I just found out that you can waterdown chalk paint. I had no idea! There are video’s all over youtube about people painting furniture, and I mean the cushions!!! with this watered down mixture. I liked that I was able to experiment with this on a Canvas bag rather than finding out that I didn’t like it on a piece of furniture. I made a copy of the image I wanted from the Graphics Fairy, printed it out in reverse and took a hold of my Matte Gel Medium. Here’s the link to purchase that..

And applied my transfer. Once I finished the transfer and that was all done, I began to decoupage. 

Decoupage using an Iron

Ever use an iron to decoupage? You know what the biggest advantage to this is? No wrinkles. Imagine using an iron and ending up with no wrinkles. Where else in your house have you seen that?  As long as you add a full heavy coat of decoupage glue to the surface you’ll do well with this project. I can’t stress enough, you have to have full coverage of the decoupage glue. I’ve made a few video’s in the past using the iron method. I will get a couple of questions from people asking me why the napkin wouldn’t stick after they used the iron. It’s always because there wasn’t enough decoupage glue used. 

Canvas Bag as Beach bag, trash bag, shopping bag, gift bag

What can  you use these for? I’m sure you have even more ideas than I do. You could even do these as shower favors. Pink flowers for a girl baby, blue for boy, misty green or a soft yellow if you’re keeping it a secret. Wedding shower? Decoupage the flowers to match the color theme of the wedding. You can even write the names of the bride and groom on the bags and decoupage around those. I already put mine in the back seat of my car and I actually used it today. My husband texted me while I was editing today’s video saying that there was a problem with his truck, I was going to have to come pick him up. I gathered up our 3 dogs, got in the car and we went to rescue my husband like he’s done for me a hundred times. Unwrapped a piece of gum and put the wrapper in my new pretty trash bag.  (The dogs will be the only one to see that for a long while since I rarely have anyone in the back seat of the car-doesn’t matter, I can see it and I love the way it looks.) Here are the rest of the products you will need. Did you know that you can buy anything else you need while you’re shopping through my site? Click on any of the links to get what you would like, and then simply search for everything else you need -since it all goes through Amazon, you’ll get the free one or two day shipping if you’re a Prime member. 

I also told you I would give you a link to a blog post that help you if you have an ink jet printer, here’s that link.

Canvas Bags, (12 for 9.39)                                              

Chalk Paint *sampler set shown below                           

Chip Brushes                                                                  

Decoupage Glue                                                            

Water Brushes  *3 for 13.44                                              

Liquitex Matte Varnish                                                      

Parchment paper                                                              

Beautiful napkins                                  








How I Made A Tip Jar with a Mason Jar Decoupage & a Transfer

Don’t you love the Graphics Fairy? 

Before I begin my blog posts I like to give you the link to the video so you can watch it, then read along if you have any questions,- also feel free to make purchases that you need below. Here’s the how to video: 

I used a lovely Black and White image of a flower girl in the video and  here is the link to the graphic from the Graphics Fairy.  

One caution about going over to the Graphics Fairy. Make sure you have some extra time when you visit this page, it’s equivalent to walking through a beautiful garden where you just want to stop and look at every single flower..  You will be inspired-and you may want to use a different printable. They have it all on the site so have a look around. 

Decoupage and Image Transfers…perfect together!

 Before you make your jar you may want to decide if you want to go with a colorful project or black and white, or monochromatic. *Use only one color but different shades of that one color. For me I wanted to stick with a more monochromatic theme, using black and white but several different shades of blacks like grays and silvers. If you would like some napkins that would match this project have a look at these beauties. (link to purchase is just below image) 


or how about something like this? Also beautiful

and one more:                                                 

Along with the chalk paint. I do want to mention that there is a product that is made by Zinnser here’s a link for you to purchase it or read about it. 

by the way, it is a few dollars cheaper if you buy it here than in your local hardware store….  One of the rules of painting is that you should only use an oil paint over and acrylic paint, but never an acrylic paint over an oil paint. The reason being that it takes forever for the oil paint to dry, and if you add a quick drying acrylic paint over the top of the slow drying oil paint, you will get cracking or chipping. Perhaps the fact that this is a spray paint and it therefore goes on much thinner….you can break that rule here. I have used this product on my glass jars and bottles, tiles and porcelain Christmas houses, in order to protect them forever. Now though-with the popularity of chalk paint I am thinking this is a non issue. I spray the glass with the Zinsser, let it dry for a few days, (I tend to spray several projects at once and keep them in a safe dry storage area so they are ready to be worked on in the future) then I add the chalk paint. The reason I mention this is because even though the chalk paint is good, it will not last as long as the Zinsser product. If your project is going to sit on a shelf making the room it’s in look even more lovely, you can skip the Zinsser. If you are going to be moving it in and out of storage (for holidays) or using it as a tip jar, you may want to actually go ahead and use the Zinsser. If you’re making coasters, you really want to use the Zinsser. If you’re using the Zinsser you also want to keep this out of your oven, do not put this chemical in your oven. Air drying is fine. If you have a dry unused room where you can let it degas, even better. If you are going to go on ahead without using the Zinsser, remember that you do NOT have to put these projects in the oven to dry. I am impatient and I tend to be working with a deadline, that’s how I discovered the oven method and the right temperatures. 

As the video shows, you would want to first paint your item, dry, do your transfer, dry, then decoupage your napkins over the surface. Don’t forget you can also make something like this for that special niece or nephew but turn it into a bank. If you would like a matte finish (no shine at all) you will want to use this product as your top coat to protect your work. 

Liquitex Matte Varnish                                                   

If you would like to add glitter over the matte varnish once it has dried you would want to use an additional product like this. Clear Adhesive for Glitter 

If you would like to use what I used… Triple Thick        

Here are the additional supplies I used and you may also want.

Chalk paint          *any light color                                            \

Roll clear crystal beads                                                

Glitter *extra fine Silver                                                    

Silver or Gold Sequin Tape                                            

small roller brush                                                          

Modeling Paste (for fill ins)                                           

parchment paper                                                         

napkin decoupage glue                                               

Crystal embellishments                                                

adhesive crystal swirls                                                  

Laser Printer                                                                 

Upcycle with Decoupage Book                                   


DIY Beach Vacation Decoupage Box

Don’t you just love Beach Decor? Especially when you make it? Decoupage.

It’s the perfect medium- along with some paint and glitter,  to turn a plain box into something that’s not only usable but pretty. Now that it’s summer time? I felt especially inspired to do something with an ocean theme. For one thing the pretty napkins that you’ll need are back in season. Just like at Christmas-time when see all of the beautiful napkins with Santa, Holly and Reindeer on them. Now is the time you’ll find the most bountiful supply of ocean or sea themed napkins.  You can purchase the napkins here. Below the link is the image of the napkin you may want. :    



You can watch the how to video here:


You may also want to go with a gentle Starfish theme  

like these:  you may like the crab theme but want a different background like these napkins. 

Whatever your choice is, you can find them here. If you click on any of the links on this page you can enter a search for any type of napkin. Mermaids? Seashells? School of fish? What reminds you most of the shore or your favorite summer vacation spot? See the links to the rest of the supplies below. 

Repurposing a Liquor Bottle Box

One of my absolute favorite things to do is upcycle. Call it repurposing, upcycling or just decorating that certain item that you haven’t thrown away, knowing you would use it one day. My garage is full of those kinds of items. (Not to worry-we can still fit our car in the garage, I’ve got it under some form of control) So when my husband got this bottle of Bourbon as a gift, he knew exactly what I was thinking as he took the bottle out of it’s decorative wooden box. “Dan, ” he said, “I don’t know who is happier about this gift since you and I both know what she is going to do with this box.”  I’ll be sending him the video tomorrow. As soon as this box was dry and ready to use I began to put all of my nails polishes and supplies in it. But they were all different sizes, and a few of the bottles extended up over the top of the box. That wouldn’t do. Then I remembered that only a day ago I was thinking that I needed to find another way to store my paint brushes. Not only do I already have too many brushes, but I was storing them on a table top where I do my video’s, and instead of having one container with all of my brushes in it, I had about 5 and one of them was huge. It was the video I made showing you how to repurpose and decoupage a large plastic bottle. Like the size of a very large bleach bottle! I’ll still need a special jar for certain brushes, but all of the rest of them fit nicely into my new ocean themed box. Since my work table sits in a sunny location I am loving that the glitter on this box is drawing my eye right to this part of the room. Why is it that glitter makes me so happy? So does the ocean, so this was the perfect project for me – I hope you enjoy it too.

Amazon Prime

I hope you have Amazon Prime. The most common question I get by far is, “Where did you get those napkins?” I can tell you that the majority of the napkins that I use were purchased on Amazon. As were all of the incidentals that are needed to complete the projects I show you how to do. With free 2 day shipping and in some area’s one day shipping? I spend so much money there! If you want to order from my site, you don’t have to just stick to the items on my page. You can buy anything else you want while you’re there! 

Here’s the list of the other supplies you’ll need along with the links for you to purchase. You can always just head on over to Amazon by clicking on the link to read about the items too if you want. 

Whipped Spackle                                                                          

Craft Spatulas                                                                                 

Medium Sanding block                                                               

Chalk Paints (several colors)                                                       

Chip Brushes                                                                               

Artists brushes                                                                               

Napkin Decoupage glue                                                              

White Pearl Paint                                                                        

Martha Stewart Glitter asst.                                                        

Martha Stewart Coarse Glitter                                                    

Flexible Toothbrush                                                                    

Elmers Glue All                                                                           

E6000 Glue                                                                                 


Triple Thick Top Coat                                                                   






How I decoupaged this Salvaged Glass Window

Vintage, Salvaged or Old Window Sitting around? DIY Decoupage it! 

You can watch the video here:

But I would also like to show you the still pictures of this romantic shabby chic window. Now that I have finished it . 

Did you ever find something on the side of the road and KNOW you could do something with it-but you weren’t quite sure what? It can be overwhelming right? Do I paint it? Leave it alone? Hang it? How do I paint it? Can I do this? For me, I have to do a couple of things in order to get to the point where I’m enthusiastic about getting this one. For one thing, I had a need for it in a spot in my bedroom. Is need the right word? For me, yes it is. I have to be able to see romantic things around me, things that inspire me. Things that keep me smiling and remind me of what makes me happy. Only because there are those mornings when I wake up after a bad dream and I’m so annoyed with someone. My husband? A friend, Verizon. Depends on what the dream was about. I also know I’m being irrational.  I stay there in bed surrounded by at least 4 animals, sometimes 5 if my one cat decides to come up in bed. I chat with each one of them and pet them, tell them how important and special they are, and I look around the room. When I open the shades in our bedroom I see tree tops and birds and the current weather. In the bedroom? I see the new sea foam green that we painted the walls, I believe it’s called Garden Twilight. I see the nautical vintage clock I have above the TV, and I see several pieces that I have decoupaged. All to my liking. Not something I bought, but something I made. My husband loves contemporary furniture which doesn’t exactly fit in with shabby chic. But like most couples we’ve learned to compromise with one room this way and another one that way. Or a mix of the both in a room if we can get away with it. When I looked over towards the top of the dresser and saw only glass….I just had to add something to it! It can’t just be white and bare. By the way, how about those little pink lights around the outside? I can only find those at IKEA and they won’t ship them -darn. We go to IKEA about every 4 months and I’ll stock up on things like these lights that I can’t find anywhere else. So back to our Salvage window.

Another Necessary Step in the Decoupage Process

Do you know that for me, I HAVE to get out into nature. I can look all over Pinterest for ideas, but for inspiration I have to have to have to get out no matter what the weather. I live on the East Coast of USA, an hour from the ocean and a mile from the Beautiful Delaware River. I always have to find my way towards some body of water. I’m sure it’s the negative Ion’s that flood my system and always make me feel happy for no reason, the sunshine, the trees, the vegetation and the wild life. 

I mean, how can I not be happy when I step outside of myself and my home and have a look around at all of the prettieness going on around me? I know that’s not a word, it just should be. 

I tend to be one of those people who habitually says, “I don’t have the time!” But I notice that seems to be for the things that need to get done, or that I don’t want to do sometimes. I also noticed that it became a habit to just keep repeating that. I had housework to do, bills to pay, blog posts to write, and video’s to make! But when I get out in nature, all I need to do is relax and take it all in. That’s when I get inspired. That’s when I can feel what I want to do with my projects. For this window I suddenly went from being overwhelmed and not having any time to do it to knowing that I was so ready to get this done, I went home and got right to work on it.  I know you may not live near a body of water. You may live in a city, but I’m sure there is a spot somewhere – where you just feel inspired, or calm or just better about life. I used to live in an area where I felt inspired by driving to this one parking lot in an upscale office building. The car was always safe and warm, and the parking lot was designed so that it was like a park. There was shade where I needed it, fountains, birds singing and for me a break from a desk job where I heard a lot of complaints all day. I hope you find that time and place for yourself. You will never ever regret taking that time out for yourself. 

Something else I wanted to mention before you have a look at the supplies. Did you know that you can purchase anything and everything you need on Amazon through my site? If you’re shopping for bath towels, vitamins or dog toys, you can still get all of that on Amazon with your Prime membership through my site. Click on any of the links below to get what you need and when you’re done getting your decoupage supplies, you can click on search and continue on with your shopping. * Napkin patterns change all the time and some napkins are not available anymore. You can also click on any link and do a search for the specific napkin pattern you would like. Floral, botanical, nautical, etc. 

Happy Pasting my friends! 

Here are the supplies you’ll need for this project. 


Decoupage Glue                                                         

Stencil used in Video                                                  


Painters tape                                                                

Small spouncing brushes                                                 

Liquitex Matte Varnish                                                    

Rose Napkins (multi color)                                              

Rose Napkins Pinks                                                        

Decoupage scissors (curved)                                      

Saran Wrap                                                                  

Brush Set                                                                     

All of these brushes for 15 dollars! 

Chalk Paint (Sampler kit)                                             

Large Spouncer Brush                                                

Elmers Glue (White)                                                     

Chip Brushes                                                               







How To Repurpose a Plastic Bottle with Decoupage

Gotta Love Decoupage! 

So I took this Dawn dishwashing bottle,  And turned it into this….to keep near my sink.                                                       You can watch the video here:     

    We use these two accessories so often.  My husband enjoys a glass of wine and likes that big uffy glass cleaner-while I tend to like to scrub everything before I put it in the dishwasher. (Why do I do that )      I see them several times a day so I decided that I wanted something to store them in that looked pretty. But what? Glass? Easy to find but not practical around the sink for everyday use. I wondered what I could use that would fit nicely in this one little spot on my sink where the Dawn Dishwashing liquid bottle was. Then it “Dawned” on me. Alright, that was bad, I know, but I am wondering if I should bring this bottle with me for inspiration from now on. Anyway, I knew I could cut the plastic, I knew I could decoupage it and waterproof it, I also knew I could find kitchen themed papers easily. I know what some of you are wondering. “Don’t you make kitchen themed papers?” They are coming. They are in the future project box.Which is not an actual box although now that I think of it, why isn’t it? This is how I think….I could decoupage a box! I could make a DIY Youtube video showing you how to decoupage a box! I digress. Let’s get back to my dish accessory container. First of all, I’m excited to say that my all time favorite decoupage glue is finally available with free shipping on Amazon! Yay!!! You can find that right here:  Even though I’ll still suggest the Spar Varnish, I am so impressed with this decoupage glue that comes to us from Germany. I have German blood in me, my husband is German and there is just something about a German car. They sure know how to make things and make them well. But let’s get back to getting our kitchen to look pretty. 

Design your DIY project to match your home.

Have a look at these lemon, botanical, viney French themed napkins…Can’t get much more kitcheny than that. You can get those napkins here:   But what if you prefer Hummingbirds, Orchids and French script? you can get those here: and they look like this….Now—THAT is romantic…perhaps you have a different theme in your home, Maybe a Victorian theme?  this link will take you to these napkins……. What about Baroque? 

Imagine this sitting on your sink proudly! You can get those here:   You may just prefer some lovely cheerful Daisies like these: You can get those here: You know what I love about this particular pattern? The actual petals are white, meaning you can paint the background white and have the daisies really stand out! Which brings me to the paint you’ll need to use. 

How to Decoupage on Plastic

It’s very important to use a product that is meant to adhere to plastic. Plastic is not only flexible but it’s so slippery that you need special paint in order to retain whatever design you put on your bottle. Here’s the solution for that.  As of today the price is less than FOUR dollars!! on Amazon. With free shipping. It would cost me more in gas and the price of this in the Hardware store to run out and get it! How does Amazon do it? So you may have noticed that I have the Matte finish for sale here and there’s a reason for that. For one, you’ll be adding a top coat/varnish over your finished project anyway, never mind the decoupage glue, so you can add the shine at the end. But for me, a matte coat as the base of any of my projects just makes my napkin or tissue paper pattern stand out that much more and it seems to adhere better. It is best to use the same color paint as the background color of your napkin. If your napkins have a cream colored background you can go ahead and click on that link above next to the can and search cream plastic spray paint, or whatever light color you have. This is the main ingredient you will need in order to make this project a success. Well, that and your amazing talent…

Supplies Needed to Decoupage on Plastic

Napkins, click on the links above and if you don’t care for the napkins I’m showing you can still do a search for the exact napkins you are looking for. Here’s a head’s up for you. Michel Design, Punch Studio and Ideal Home Range all have lovely napkin choices. When you click on any of the napkin links above you can enter any of those into the search and maybe you’ll want to grab a cup of tea or coffee while you peruse all of the beautiful napkins that you’ll see. Of course you’ll also want that spray paint just for plastic above and these following items. 


*Martha makes the Fireiest Glitter ever!


E6000 glue/clear with precision tips                             


Viva Decor Decoupage glue                                         

Spar Varnish Spray                                                        

As you’ll notice in the video it was a bit challenging to add the straws around the top of my surface, and I mentioned that was because I didn’t use the correct applicators over my E6000. Hot glue will not work over this project and I did try it though I thought I would have problems with it. The E 6000 will hold up under all of the wear and tear this will get being near your sink. And Don’t forget about using that top piece! it came in so handy when I wanted to add bird food to my feeder. I get these huge bags of bird food from Costco but i can’t lug them around the yard-filling the feeders. So I bring the feeders to the bag and use my very well rinsed container. For now though, I’m loving my new container! And I didn’t have to go buy it!