DIY Any Glass Jar Into a Storage Container!

 Got Glass Jars? 

Spaghetti, Pickles, Salsa, Olives, what else? How about glass jars that you just have from who knows where? I keep some of my prettier or larger glass bottles because I know I’ll be able to do something pretty to them, but I also love to store my foods in jars. Plastic has all kinds of problems unless it’s BPV free. , Metal can be especially harsh on acidic ingredients -one of the reasons that salsa is sold in glass jars and glass just seems that much more substantial to me. 

Let’s do an image transfer over decoupage.

The large glass jar above with the word Cocoa on it was a lot easier to make than I thought. As the video shows I first painted the jar with Chalk paint.

You can use any color. If I was going for an ocean theme I would use this beautiful color. You do want to make sure your tissue papers look pretty over the color though. When you click on the link above though you can select whatever color you want. Also you would want to decide if you would like to make your jar simple and just paint it any pretty color and add the transfer to it? Or like me, would you like to add some decoupage papers around it to make it look even prettier?  In the video I showed how to add this high gloss top coat called Triple Thick. and sprinkle some of Martha’s very shiny coarse glitter along with the other 2 that are included in this pack to add some added depth. But if you don’t like glitter you can add embellishments like these and trust me, these sparkle in certain spots making the pearls stand out and really compliment your piece. These come in different colors so you’ll want to get the one that matches your project. But you may not want to add anything except for lovely tissue papers to decoupage like the ones I used here.     and on the larger jar I used this paper (pink blush hydrangea watercolor) 

If you would like to have a Matte Finish on your project you would do well to use this one.   I find this one to look invisible once it’s on your surface, no shine, no gloss just a clear protective cover over your work. 

How to do an image transfer over decoupage…

When making the large Cocoa jar (which I immediately put to use tonight…I first painted it, then decoupaged the large blush pink hydrangea over it. Let it dry, added one more coat of decoupage glue and by the way, this is a good decoupage glue for you to use, and once it dried I used another Liquitex product called Liquitex matte gel medium. I have been doing transfers for years and let me just say that I was constantly getting frustrated with myself before finding this. I always thought it was me as I followed instructional video after video, blog posts and book instructions on how to do transfers. Finally I found this one when reading a blog post about a different subject. The blogger was writing about how frustrated she was with decoupaged plates because there were uneven spots of dryness through the plates. Even after years, some places looked wet and some looked dry until she started to use this. I bought it for that same reason but in a pinch I experimented with it on a transfer and FINALLY I was so excited to have transferred one of my pictures onto a piece of canvas successfully. I now use it all the time no matter what the surface is for the transfer. Although I have found that chalk paint really takes hold of a transfer. Back to our regularly scheduled blog post though…I used this paper          and tore away the word Cocoa. I applied my gel medium only over the spot where I was going to place the word and after smoothing it out with my fingers I placed the tissue paper with the image side down,  (the words will be facing the correct direction as you place the word down.) The tissue paper is so thin that this will look as if you simply ordered papers that came to you backwards. Yes the words are backwards but that is only so that when you lay them down to transfer them they will be facing in the right direction. Have I confused you yet? The video makes it a whole lot easier than I probably am. Once  laid the paper onto my decoupaged surface I placed the glass jar into my cold oven. I set the oven to 170 degrees and once I heard the ding to let me know I had reached that temperature, turned the oven off and left the jar to sit in there for a half an hour. When I took it out the paper (and gel medium) were completely dry. I then wet my fingers and began to rub away the thin tissue paper leaving only the word “Cocoa” behind over my decoupage. By the way you can also use the words printed in reverse here for lables -you will find Coffee, Sugar, Flour and Tea on this sheet.


If you would like you can watch the video and see how I made my kitchen organizing jars. You can also do this with bottles. 

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Have fun! 

8 Comments on “DIY Any Glass Jar Into a Storage Container!

  1. I love watching your videos. I’d much rather hear you talking instead of the music. The tune is distracting.

    1. Thank you Dianne.
      I hear equal comments from both sides. Some people tell me to stop talking so much and just use sub titles with music, some believe as you do. I tend to prefer talking myself but I also have problems at times with so much noise outside (especially during the summer months with lawnmowers outside) where I can’t talk so my only option is to use subtitles. 🙂

      1. I would much rather hear you talk as well. I had a stroke 5 years ago and my eye sight is not really good now. When you use the paper ir goes too fast for me to read it. When you can please use your voice. Thank you!

        1. Thank you for the feedback. There are a few reasons why I won’t talk sometimes in video’s, in one case there was a death in the family and I knew I wouldn’t be able to talk without my voice cracking. In other cases, I have a scratchy throat or cough and either one of those is so challenging when I’m trying to talk….and edit the video/LOL and lastly, we have construction going on around here and my voice is no match for that….I prefer to talk though…thank you again for your feedback!

  2. Hi Patti
    Your videos are both a delight and an inspiration. It’s very easy to follow your instructions and the pace is just right for me. In this project I was interested to see how you use text. I’m interested in this and thinking how I might use longer sections of texts, like quotations or extracts of poetry. I am pondering how to do this and am considering using calligraphy but don’t think I could achieve this on tissue paper very successfully. Do you have any ideas about this?

    1. Hello David and thank you for those inspiring words. There are a lot of video’s on youtube that explain how to use tissue paper through your printer. The one I have had the most success with is where you spay a light adhesive spray over regular printer paper and place your Tissue paper over it. Then you run it through your printer, and remove the printer paper when you’re done. I have to say though, when I say I’ve had the most success with this method, that only means that out of about 5 attempts I was able to do this and not jam my printer. I suspect that it depends on the type of printer you have. Maybe it works with some printers and not others? I love your idea, and perhaps an even better idea would be to transfer those images over a surface. The problem with the printer is what helped me learn about this. Do you do calligraphy? If you wrote something yourself, can you scan it through your printer you can chose to print it out in reverse-depending on a few variables. Do you have a photo editing program where you can reverse the text? I have photo shop and when I print an item out it allows me to reverse the image. Sometimes a program like Word Perfect has that option. I have an old version of Word and it does not allow that option, maybe they’re updated it and you can now use Word to print in reverse? Or does your printer allow you to print in reverse? Maybe out of those 3 options you will find a solution. For transfers you can watch this video. I’ve been doing transfers for a couple of years now so I’ve found out the best ways to do them. I hope this helps David! Thanks again

  3. What type of decoupage I should use on glass bottles and paper napkins! Matte, gloss or which one you are such an Inspiration to me

    Thanks Alice Christian

    1. Hello Alice and thank you. When using napkins you would want to use napkin decoupage glue. You can go through any of the links here on my website, you’ll probably see the napkin decoupage glue and you can order it here or read about it. You can use matte or gloss depending on what you want to see when you’re done. Either one works fine. I tend to use the matte when I want something to look older or vintage. Hope this helps!

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