DIY Annie Sloan Romantic Candle Votives

LLet’s take these candle votives that started out as clear glass and turn them into these romantic vintage rose themed beauties. I actually bought this box of candles here :  I love that there are 8 candles in a box in clear glass votives and they cost eleven dollars! I got the green color because my friend got them and the scent was very light. These do come in all different colors and scents though. I made sure to use my tissue paper since I made them specifically to fit over small votive jars. Vintage white roses, carnations and baby’s breath all in watercolor. I wanted to make these as romantic as possible. Romantic candles, the 2 words go together. These would be great party favors for a bridal shower, or they can be placed on the tables in front of wedding guests. These are quite easy to make and I’ll show you how in this week’s video. You can watch the video here :  Here are the supplies you’ll need below. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel after you watch the video. There are now over 230 DIY decoupage video’s on my channel. 

Vintage Roses Tissue paper

Is that link long enough for you? They tell me they are working on it. 🙂

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Chalk Paint                                                        

Mini Brush roller                                                 

E6000 Glue                                                       

2 yards pearl ribbon  ⇓                                              

crushed velvet ribbon *any color                                        

Decoupage Glue                                                            

Matte Finish (top coat) spray                                          

Liquid Pearls                                                                   

You can buy this multi colored set or search for your color

Crystal Rhinestone Trim (clear)                                       

*Optional Zinnser Cover Stain                                          



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