DIY Easy Decoupage Shabby Pink Matchboxes

You can watch the video here:  

Ready to make those plain old cardboard matchboxes look spectacular? I’ll show you how with this simple Decoupage project. Winter time means cozy nights by the fire, but you gotta have matches! And they have got to be pretty matches. Let’s make those Matchboxes a pretty Pink Rose and carnation Shabby chic themed room accent. Here’s what you’ll need to make these. 

First and foremost, here is a link to my papers. I have created these papers and you’ll want to have a look around both of my stores while you’re on this site. Upcycledecoupage and patioelf. Mostly watercolor images of all sorts of flowers-though I am always adding new papers to my line. Just for decoupage and mixed media! Here’s the link to these papers.

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With decoupage….it’s all about the papers! Here are the other supplies you’ll need to complete this. 

Cardboard Matchboxes                                           

White Chalk paint                                                     

1″ sponge roller (3 pack)                                          

Collage Pauge 16 oz Matte decoupage glue           

12 pc asst shabby embellishments                          

Adhesive Pearl Strands (white)                                  

E6000 mini Craft Glue                                                

Sea Shell Glass Glitter (see color below)                   

Martha Stewart Arctic White Glitter  (3 pack)              

Martha Stewart Glitter Glue (Clear-to hold glitter)     

Ranger 7 pack Liquid Pearls, Stunning Colors ⇓    

There you are! Have fun with this project. I can’t wait to have company over so I can light the fire in front of them, they will then ask me (as they always do)…..”Please tell me you did a “how to” video on this!” That’s half the fun!  Please remember to subscribe to my youtube channel-it’s what keeps me going-and if you follow me on Facebook you’ll be notified every week when I post a new how to video….Have a great week my friends! 



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