DIY Pizzi Geoffre Decoupage Lace Beach Theme

Welcome back my friends! Pizzi or Pizzo Geoffre Decoupage has never looked like this. Normally this style of decoupage uses a darker brown oil paint to cover the lace. You then wipe that oil away and are left with a lovely vintage stained lace over your surface. I however, did not want to do what has already been done, so I decided to bring a bit of the summer back to our project for today. Here are the supplies you’ll need and don’t forget to check out the video and subscribe to my channel! Upcycle with Decoupage is also on Facebook so if you like and follow the page you’ll be notified every week when I put a new video out! 

Let’s first start out with some lovely sheer lace…. 

Decoupage Glue                                             *$2.82 Shipping fee

Viva Decor Precious Metal Colors                  

Chalk Paint                                                       *all colors/ I used light green and white for todays video.

White Craft Glue                                               

Glittering Glue                                                  

Coarse White Glitter                                          

10 pc Sponge pouncers                                   

Mini or Travel Blow Dryer                                   

Clear) E-6000 glue                                               

21 pcs Craft Keys                                                 

Sea Shells                                                             



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