DIY 2017 Decoupage with Watercolor Tissue Papers

Before I go on, here is the link to my store on Zazzle.

There is another store on Zazzle of mine, and here is the link to it  There are 2 stores because the first store I opened has the name of this website and my Facebook page associated with it. But as time goes by I am trying to streamline everything into one name. I will even change my Facebook page name to Patioelf. Possibly patioelf decoupage since we’re all about decoupage. I will even be changing the name of this website to patioelf decoupage. Now, back to our video for the week! 

Don’t you just love going to thrift stores? You may even already have an old frame laying around your house. How cool is it that you can now make pictures in the color themes that you want or like? Who cares what’s on trend? I know I don’t. Some colors soothe me and they always will. My favorite color goes in and out of favor as does yours. We surround ourselves with what makes us comfortable. So I will be adding images in all the colors of the rainbow, and then some of course to the site where I am selling it. In the meantime here are some supplies you may need too.  You will notice next to the Viva Decor Napkin glue that there is a note saying there is a shipping free with this. This is the best napkin decoupage glue I have found. I have used this to decoupage planters with and these planters have stood up to rain, snow, high heat and humidity and direct sunlight. I used this glue in todays project and it’s the one with the semi gloss finish. You can however, use the Liquitex Matte Varnish over a high gloss surface if you plan to decoupage the way I have. Don’t forget, Upcycle with Decoupage is on Facebook, if you go over and click “like” and “follow” on the page you’ll be notified every week when I put a new video out. As always, thank you for subscribing to my youtube channel! Happy New Year!!!! 

Chalk paint sampler set                                                     

Viva Decor Napkin Glue (there is a shipping fee with this one)


Liquitex Matte Varnish                                                       

Bare Wood Frame to decorate                                          

There is no glass on this frame

6 Comments on “DIY 2017 Decoupage with Watercolor Tissue Papers

  1. Love your ideas. Clicked the link to your website, you have more great ideas. How you get instructions and a supply list for those projects┬┐

    1. Hi Annette and sorry for the late response. My spam controls were too vigilant and I only got this message today and several others because I looked for them. All of the blog posts come with videos. Can you tell me which one(s) you were looking at so I can give you the link to the video?

  2. Love your work ! I have a canvas room divider and want to decorate it with color and pictures could I use this method for doing that, I purchased acrylic paints, do I need the chalk paint? And will the napkin decoupage work? I would be great if you could do a series or show on one . Thanks so much for all your great ideas I’ve been a fan of decoupage for doing fall leaves for my thanksgiving table.

    1. Hi Linda and thank you! I have used acrylic paints in the past and they have worked just fine. You can also decoupage over the acrylic paints. Thanks for the idea about perhaps making a video using acrylic paints. I started using chalk paint and got so hooked on it that I tend to use it for everything.

  3. I have went to all of my local stores and I cannot find any napkins that have roses etc…any suggestions where I could find some

    1. Hello Kimberly, A lot of my emails went into spam and I wouldn’t have found them if someone hadn’t written to me on Facebook to ask me why I wasn’t responding to her question on my website. Sorry this is so late. So…I list a lot of napkins on my blog posts and you can buy them right through my site. I have been collecting napkins for a couple of decades now so some napkins are no longer being made. Was there a specific video you watched where you liked the napkin?

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