Month: October 2016

DIY Thanksgiving Floating Candle Centerpiece Decoupage

img_2703Did you ever go to one of those homes where there is a very large center piece sitting on the table? I mean it’s so big that you have to look around it in order to communicate. It’s rude to move it if you’re at someone else’s house so you just leave it be and end up applying some Ben Gay to your neck once you get home. I like to keep it simple and in  this week’s project  “The Thanksgiving Floating Candle CenterPiece with Decoupage.”…I started with a bowl like this. and  added quite a few elements to this bowl. I used coffee filters, decorative fall napkins and even gold foil on a paper towel with my trusty “Happy Thanksgiving” Stamp. I also added Iridescent paint, chalk paint and some stunning metallic paint that’s made by Viva Decor.     I will be using the Viva Decor metallic paints even more in future projects because every single time I open the jars I am taken a back by the lovely colors and textures of this paint.

One thing I want to mention about this week’s project as you’ll see in the video, I suggest using all napkins, or all paper towels or all coffee filters. I used all three to show you how to do them but by the end of the video you can see that the finish is a little bit lumpy. That’s because even though it’s minute there are differences in the thickness of the papers. You can though, add a different thickness of paper to the bottom of your bowl since that will sit flat. Here are the supplies that you will need to complete this project and the links for you to buy what you need. Since my store goes through Amazon you will not only be able to make all of your purchases with Amazon Prime but you will also able to shop for anything else you need from Amazon while you are shopping for your supplies. Christmas shopping already??? But of course.

  • Napkin Decoupage Glue                                
  • Fall Napkins                                                       screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-7-20-12-pm
  • More Fall napkins                                                 screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-7-26-41-pm
  • Iridescent Pearl Medium                                   
  • Detail Paint brushes                                           
  • Fall Floral Napkins                                               screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-1-48-05-pm
  • Flitter Glu (for gold foil)                                     
  •  Gold Foil                                                           
  • Bone Folder                                                       
  • Decoupage scissors                                         
  • Acrlyic Paint Set                                                 
  • Cone Coffee Filters                                            
  • Thanksgiving Stamp                                          
  • Happy Turkey Day Stamp                                  
  • Viva Decor Orange Gold Paint                          
  • Sea Sponge                                                        
  • Chalk paint  *all colors available                        
  • Mini Paint roller                                                   
  • Large Glass Bowl                                               
  • Floating Candles                                                 
  • Varnish or Top Coat                                            

Turn Toilet Paper Rolls into Faux Candles

img_2507Alright, I have to admit it. I had a hard time saying “Toilet paper” roll during this week’s youtube video.  I was raised that way, where bathroom humor was off limits and it’s never left my consciousness. So if you hear me giggle a little bit here and there, it’s because I was actually a little red in the face as I said it. Now, for the fun stuff! Decoupage! Yay!!!! It’s really decoupage using melted wax. This is so much fun! I was kind of shocked though that the Ranger Melting pot isn’t around anymore. I also saw that Ultra Thick Embossing Powder has been discontinued. Wow- I used to love using that stuff. I guess that’s how far we’ve come in regards to crafting. I still have my melting pot so it’s what I used in my video but I also have links below to both the 4 pound and 2 pound melting pot you can use to do this project. You may already know how to make candles and this bit of my blog may be redundant to you-but for everyone else….You do not want to put the melting pot (aluminum) directly over heat. You would need to put the wax in the melting pot, put the melting pot inside of a larger (junk) pot, add some water to the bigger pot, and place the pot over an electric stove top. If you don’t have an electric stove top, you can also buy a one burner stove top for about 20 dollars here in the U.S.  There’s also a link for that below.

  • 4 lb Wax Melting Pot                                        
  • 2 lb Wax Melting Pot                                        
  • Soy Wax for melting                                         
  • Portable Electric Stove                                     
  • Chalk Paint                                                       
  • Chip Brush                                                       
  • Fall Leaf Napkins                                             
  • screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-3-09-36-pm
  • Rustic Autumn Leaves Napkins                      
  • screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-3-19-13-pm
  • Faux LED candles                                          
  • screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-7-49-58-pm

How to Decoupage a Pumpkin Shabby Chic

Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays maybe because I am not a big fan of the color orange? That’s just me. So when the holiday rolls around, I have to stick to the richer hues like a nice maroon and a lush amber or gold. Since Pumpkins are orange though? I have got to do something different with them. Decoupage a pumpkin? No problem. Even if you just want to keep this little gem in your bedroom, or bathroom as a decorative touch, let me show you how to do this. bestpmkinI didn’t list any of the trim or all of the ribbons I used because there are so many variations in colors. I would suggest you select your ribbons to match the napkins you decide to use. Same goes for the trim. Let me also show you the featured product of the week? What does featured product mean? It means that I have used it and love it! Since we are going into the holiday season we are going to need some glitter! I have this set and it is stunning! Just look at the colors in this set! The top row consists of all of the colors you’ll need to continue to add winter snowy accents all season long. The bottom row consists of Glitter writers that work especially well when wrapping. You can also take this set right into Valentine’s day. Can you see the array of reds? Mix them, use one or layer them! So pretty…

In order to Decoupage our Shabby Chic Pink Pumpkin, here are the supplies we’ll need. As always, if you need anything else on Amazon you can still order it all through my site, not just the items that are on the supplies list below. Have fun!


Here’s what you will need to complete this project:

Martha Stewart Chalk Paint (set)             

Martha’s Chalk Paint in Seashell               

1 inch Sponge Roller                                 

6 Inch Faux Pumpkin                                 


Pink and White Ribbon                              


Artists brushes                                            

Napkin Decoupage Glue                             

Fabric Scissors                                          

Small Curved Scissors                              

Rustoleum Base coat spray                      

E6000 Glue                                              

Lo Tack Tape                                            

Petite Pink Silk Flowers                             

Rose Napkins                                          


screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-6-40-29-pm                     screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-6-44-35-pm


DIY Sheer Transfer your Photo over Glass

img_2359Today I’m going to show you how to transfer an image you’ve printed from your own printer onto a clear glass bottle. Think of all of the wedding decoration possibilities! Or think of the beautiful images you can find over on the Graphics Fairy! Did you ever end up spending hours on that site? It’s so easy to do. But I do have to mention this. Some people will write to me and tell me that they do just fine with their ink jet prints for transfers. Since I am doing a sheer-image transfer in this week’s video I want this image to be as sharp as possible. When you add the gel medium needed to the inkjet copy it will blur. Ink jets are not waterproof. They can run and bleed or just blur as I show you in the beginning of the video. If you don’t have a laser printer (or a toner based printer) you will want to take your copies to a copy center where they use only laser printers. (that is here in the US-I’m not sure how that works in other countries) If you can not find laser prints near you – you can also practice this on smooth jars or bottles using ink jet prints.  Finally there is one other option for you.  The prior link will take you to an excellent blog post where you can read about ways to prevent problems using ink jet prints.

Transfers can be done a few different ways but for our clear glass bottle we’ll be doing our transfer by adding several coats of Matte Medium like this  Letting it dry between each coat and finally removing all of the paper from the back of the image. Here’s a list of the supplies you’ll need.  You can have a look at my book too!   screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-7-22-28-pm  If you are interested in trying Amazon Prime for a free trial period you can read about it here: and opt in.

Matte Medium Gel            

Laser Printer                     

Artists paint brushes         

Mod Podge Lustre Spray 

Fine Glitter                       


E 6000 Glue                    

Flatback Crystals                screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-7-49-20-pm

Pick Up tool for gems      

Silk Ribbon                            screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-7-55-44-pm

Silk Flowers                       screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-7-58-12-pm

Crystal Drop                        screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-8-04-29-pm

Clear Glass Bottle             screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-8-06-40-pm


Basic Decoupage Supplies & a Decoupage DIY Video for beginners


Since my old website no longer exists I am adding this page to give you links to the best supplies to use for decoupage. Feel free to contact me to ask about any of the products listed, or if you’ve got additional questions.  If the napkin shown is not something to your liking, please click on the link and add a specific search in the search bar. You may want to specify Cabbage Rose napkins, or French Themed napkins. You can also add colors like Purple Pansy Napkins. For a larger selection you can just enter “Floral Napkins” in the search.  By the way, you can also buy whatever else you need or want while you’re on Amazon. You don’t have to only purchase decoupage supplies.

Napkin Decoupage Glue   

Basic Decoupage Glue     

Decoupage Scissors         

Matte Varnish                     

Triple Thick Glaze/  Varnish       

Beautiful Napkins                         screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-6-34-35-pm

Martha Stewart Multi Surface paints are currently selling for over 8 dollars  on Amazon for one jar. . PLEASE don’t buy from them. For now I can’t find the paint sets of hers on Amazon  but you can find them in craft stores. Or search “Multi Surface Paint sets” when you click on any link here.

snowman napkins                

Michele Design snowman napkins          

Christmas church napkins          

Martha Stewart Course Glitter                    

Martha Asst Glitter  Winter Wonderland                   


Roll of Bling Crystal like beads                                  

even though these appear to be iridescent they are clear.


Crystal Rhinestone Chain Roll                                    






Lovely Papers                             screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-6-47-56-pm

A basic Box                           

Decorative Pearl Elements       screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-6-59-51-pm

Decorative Crystals                  screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-7-04-52-pm

You may also want to purchase some chalk paint which is an amazing surface when it comes to decoupage.

Chalk Paint