DIY Birdhouse Paint Decoupage & Weatherproof

img_1890   You can go to the bottom of the page for links to supplies and the supply list if you would rather not read the blog post.

OK, so I didn’t mention that I also added a transfer over the whole birdhouse which is really a cookie jar. Aren’t jars made of porcelain or glass? Not this one. My Father in law was almost a master woodworker and and my Mother in Law loved to paint. He would make the things she wanted and she would paint them. Sadly we lost both of them last year and we’ve had to take on the task of removing everything from their home. My Mother in law was generous to a fault! Even if she liked this cookie jar which I have turned into a bird house,     She would have given it to me in a heartbeat had I expressed any interest in it. I was careful not to tell her I liked too many things. I knew when I saw so many of her unfinished crafts in the basement, that she would want me to have them. We had our craftiness in common. While my husband and his sister took all of the meaningful items in the home and my niece and nephews collected what was special to them, I knew it would make both my Mother and Father in law happy that I was going to use the items that he made.

I hope I make the work of doing transfers easier for you . When I started to watch youtube video’s on how to them I couldn’t quite get them right. I have always been experimental with any mediums I could get my crafty little hands on. I knew I just needed to “go off road” as I always do. Not following the beaten path has helped a lot you too I’m sure. How else are new things invented and discovered? Feel free to let me know how the transfers turned out for you. Glitter? You don’t have to add it of course but I always feel a magical attachment to something when it’s all sparkly. Of course I have easily over a couple of thousand napkins on hand so it’s always a little bit of a challenge to find just the right one(s) for each project.

I would like to add that since all of the work is done on the outside of the birdhouse, it’s perfectly safe for our feathered friends. I have one in the garage that I decoupaged. It wasn’t meant to go outside, I made it for decorative purposes only. I put it out there with my other completed and incomplete projects, Over the winter a clever bird must have been able to hop under the door where there is a small space, tote some leaves and brush into that birdhouse. Because within weeks there were tiny chicks flying around our garage. They had a lovely little home out there. Today’s project will be just as nice because it will be put out on my front porch, or deck I should say. The bird can come and go as she pleases, and there will be shelter from the cold, the wet, the snow and ice. (Also from predators)

Here is this week’s supply list for you. You can always go to my Facebook page, Upcycle with Decoupage and click on any of the links to products that I have on the Facebook page to shop for all or some of these items. You can also shop here for anything else you may be in need of since my links all go through Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime you qualify for all of the same benefits through my site and my links. You can even sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime right here.

Each of the links will take you to the Amazon page where you can either purchase the item or just read about it. You can also shop for anything else you need from Amazon while you’re here today.

3 Comments on “DIY Birdhouse Paint Decoupage & Weatherproof

  1. Hello Patti, thank you so much for shering your beautiful work, God Bless you!!!!!!!
    I need to know where can I find the right paper for print images for transfer and decoupage too.
    Please???? and thanks for your help.

  2. Wonderful project. I live in Alberta, Canada and the weather can change in a heartbeat. Hot in Summer, very cold in the winter…. I am constructing a Little Free Library and would like to decoupage some items on this metal box, which use to be a newspaper dispenser, and ensure it stands the test of time. Would all of these products be good for this particular climate on a metal surface that we have already painted with a product appropriate for metal in an outdoor setting?

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