How To Decoupage Roses on Furniture French Poster

Let’s turn an image into a poster and decoupage it! 


Link to the Image I used here:

Watch the Video here:     

                         Last week I was just finishing up the editing process of my weekly video and I wondered what I was going to do for the following week. I have a few notebooks with ideas, drawings and plans but I wanted to feel inspired.  Do you know that feeling? You may have plans to do one thing but feel like doing something else. So I went over to Pinterest, I wasn’t even sure for what. I didn’t want to look at anything that was decoupaged because I wanted to feel like my idea was unique. At least to me. Instead I decided to look at pretty papers. That’s what led me to this week’s project. Once I found this image I knew I had to use it.   I have a few pieces of furniture in our garage that are just waiting to be turned around. I found the French themed roses image that I used on this week’s project and I knew what I was going to do. I headed over to and printed the image out on my laser printer. Oddly the colors of the pages that printed out didn’t all match but I didn’t notice that until they were all decoupaged onto my surface. Luckily  I still love the way it came out.  I have a small free standing shelf that I’ve had since I was single and moving from apartment to apartment. I keep my hair products in it. Hair sprays, volumizers, thickeners, conditioners, you know how it is. I need different products depending on the weather. For summer there’s a whole new need for stronger humidity proof sprays, in winter I need more of a conditioning spray. There are no doors on the cabinet and it just looks messy. There are a few shelves and aside from the tissue box, there’s also a box for spare lipsticks, and a few small containers for bobby pins and scrunchies, so it’s a wreck-I think. I knew I needed something with doors and shelves so I could store my belongings and keep them hidden. I found this week’s piece of furniture at the Goodwill store, but of course! I knew I was going to repurpose it one day but I knew I needed to wait until the inspiration hit me. And boy did it. I saw this print and couldn’t believe it wasn’t somewhere in a museum. It gave me a feeling too. It felt romantic, and feminine. Artistic and chic. I had to work with this piece of paper. Here is this week’s supply list for you. You can always go to my Facebook page, Upcycle with Decoupage and click on any of the links to products that I have on the Facebook page to shop for all or some of these items. You can also shop for anything else you may be in need of since my links all go through Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime you qualify for all of the same benefits through my site and my links.  There’s a link below (at the bottom of the supply list) for you if you would like to give Amazon Prime a try for free. I know personally that Amazon is very good at ending the trial period if it’s not what you want. They don’t play games or try to sell you on staying with Prime.


  • Image from your computer   link to this poster :
  • Laser Copies from *if your printer isn’t laser have copies made @ Copy center
  • faber castell pitt artist big brush artist pen * I used Walnut Brown  
  • Decoupage Glue (Matte, stain or gloss)
  • Fine/ Medium sanding sponge
  • chalk paint  * I used a soft pink, winter white and heather gray for my project)
  • sea sponges
  • chip brushes
  • 3 inch paint roller brush
  • saran wrap
  • Razor Blade
  • Top coat or Varnish (matte, satin or gloss)

9 Comments on “How To Decoupage Roses on Furniture French Poster

  1. Love your work-it is beautiful and inspired. I just wanted to mention that I have an ink jet printer Epson, that uses pigment ink and I haven’t had any problems with bleeding when decoupaging. It has worked with chalk paint, acrylic paint surfaces and wood and paper surfaces. The packing tape transfer doesn’t work with the Epson prints though.
    Keep up those great projects.

    1. Hello Carol and thank you. I have had a lot of problems with the ink jet prints and I get a lot of questions on how to stop them from bleeding and running. Do you have a trick I can share with people on how to stop this from happening? I also tend to wet my papers which causes them to bleed and run. It makes the paper more pliable for tricky surfaces. I found a great blog post on how to stop them from running or bleeding, a few of the techniques work really well. Do you have any tips you can share with me? Thanks again Carol!

    2. Hi Carol, thank you for letting me know about this! Is your printer called anything other than an ink jet? I’m sorry for the late response. All of my emails went into a spam folder I wasn’t even aware of on my end. I think I have it fixed now. Thank you again, I would really like to know more about the printer since I’ve never found an ink jet print that can stand up to decoupage. 🙂 *thank you for your kind words too!

  2. Hi. new to ur channel however I cannot find this poster to image on my computer plz plz plz help

    Thx Marilyn

  3. I’ve been watching your video’s again and again. I wrote you once. Just wanted to tell you again, you are the very best on you tube of all the other’s I’ve watched. I appreciate all your helpful “tips” which help me and saves me from making errors that I most likely would, without your instructions and tips. I’m trying to learn your decoupage projects. I’ll get there one day, hopefully. I’m brand new to most of the projects you and others have on you tube. Long story, I lost my husband, then both my brothers very close to one another, therefore I had to find something to do since I’m completely alone now. That’s when I turned to you tube one day and looked under “crafts”. That did it for me. Thank you for all your time, effort and hard work teaching your skills, which are amazing. I do play the piano and I had asked you if you could give me the name of the song you play on some of your projects (a piano piece). It is beautiful and I play “Floyd Cramer” style music, which the song sounds just like him. I would truly appreciate a reply from you regarding the song. Keep up the gorgeous and amazing work you do. I go straight to your videos each morning and start my day watching you, having my first cup of coffee. You truly are amazing.
    Thank you and God Bless you.

    1. Hello Linda,
      I wrote back to you a while ago and I didn’t hear back, which is ok but today I see that your message looks like it was left unanswered. Did you get my response?

    1. Hi Lolo!
      I clicked on your link to see how your door turned out. Lovely! Thank you for crediting me. I’m not sure if you had a question, were you asking me about something in your email?

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