Month: September 2016

How to Decoupage Furniture with Napkins a Table

Decoupage and furniture. They go together like soup and sandwich. Goodwill is one of my favorite places to shop. Not only do I find these romantic little pieces of unwanted furniture, but I feel good knowing that the money I spend is actually helping people who need it. Don’t get me wrong though, I won’t pass up a piece of furniture for a good deal on Craigslist or at a garage sale either. I’m proud to say that this video is my most popular video with the most comments and views on Youtube. I have a little space I created for myself downstairs that is all girl. A shabby  white wicker day bed with sheer white curtains and tiny white lights surrounding me. I hesitate to say it’s in the basement. It is though. Our home reflects a symbiosis of our two styles, both mine and my husbands. He prefers a more contemporary look while I want a couch that you can fall into.  Back to our table here though. As soon as I found this I knew it needed to be revived. Some chalk paint, napkins and a little bit of time and it had a brand new life. So you’re aware, I like to use a matte decoupage glue because it’s a lot easier to add gloss to matte finish than it is to degloss a shiny finish. This video was made a few years ago and since then I’ve come to appreciate a product called Liquitex matte varnish even more. It gives the flattest finish, and it’s just not an easy thing to do. Napkins are also something that like your favorite cosmetics, get discontinued. Bummer right? I wish I had more control over that.  The napkins that I used on this table are one of my all time faves.  You can purchase the napkin below or click on the link and search for something more specific. Try searching for French napkins, floral napkins, hydrangea napkins, whatever you think would look best on your furniture.  The products needed and the links to purchase them or just read about them are right next to them. Since I am an Amazon Associate it really helps me to continue making my DIY videos.  If you have Amazon Prime all of the same features apply here and you can still shop for anything else you may need while you’re here!

  • Decoupage Glue     
  • Matte Varnish           
  • Chalk Paint               
  • Floral Napkins                           screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-7-16-32-pm
  • Artists brushes              
  • Paint Roller                    
  • Sponge Brushes          
  • Saran Wrap                   

DIY Starbucks Paper Bag Repurpose w Decoupage

Love your Starbucks coffee? I know I do. While I love Dunkin Donuts Coffee I genuinely admire the way Starbucks will make any complicated drink you want.  Sadly Dunkin discontinued the bags of whole bean decaf. When I ask them to make me a half caff latte, they tell me they can’t do it. I ask if they have anything similar to a skinny latte, and again, no. I can get an iced coffee and add any sweetener I want to it. Come on Dunkin, you can’t do any better than that? For that reason alone, I’ll find a Starbucks where there are always lines and wait. But I don’t want to use my large supermarket bags to buy a bag of coffee beans. The Starbucks paper bag is just the right size! Card Stores also tend to put your candles in these same sized brown paper bags with their logo’s on them. If you’re not a fan of Starbucks or if you can’t get to one of them you can also use the bags that you get at Bath and Body Works, or Yankee Candle. I also have a link below to some standard brown paper bags with handles on them.  I have used them all following these same steps.  You first want to add some masking tape to the bag.  Wider tape like this is best.

In this week’s video I really want to point out how lovely the Tissue paper is that’s made by Tim Holtz. img_2141  That’s the black and white paper you see on the surface of this painted bag. By the way, you can buy plain white bags but by adding the chalk paint, you’ll add a nice extra level of support to your bag. I mentioned in the video that I’ve had this Tim Holtz Tissue paper on hand for a while but it felt almost like wax paper. I didn’t think I could use it for decoupage. But it worked beautifully. Have a look at the video and tell me what you think.

Here is this week’s supply list for you. You can always go to my Facebook page, Upcycle with Decoupage and click on any of the links to products that I have on the Facebook page to shop for all or some of these items. You can also shop for anything else you may be in need of since my links all go through Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime you qualify for all of the same benefits through my site and my links.

          Wide masking tape

DIY Birdhouse Paint Decoupage & Weatherproof

img_1890   You can go to the bottom of the page for links to supplies and the supply list if you would rather not read the blog post.

OK, so I didn’t mention that I also added a transfer over the whole birdhouse which is really a cookie jar. Aren’t jars made of porcelain or glass? Not this one. My Father in law was almost a master woodworker and and my Mother in Law loved to paint. He would make the things she wanted and she would paint them. Sadly we lost both of them last year and we’ve had to take on the task of removing everything from their home. My Mother in law was generous to a fault! Even if she liked this cookie jar which I have turned into a bird house,     She would have given it to me in a heartbeat had I expressed any interest in it. I was careful not to tell her I liked too many things. I knew when I saw so many of her unfinished crafts in the basement, that she would want me to have them. We had our craftiness in common. While my husband and his sister took all of the meaningful items in the home and my niece and nephews collected what was special to them, I knew it would make both my Mother and Father in law happy that I was going to use the items that he made.

I hope I make the work of doing transfers easier for you . When I started to watch youtube video’s on how to them I couldn’t quite get them right. I have always been experimental with any mediums I could get my crafty little hands on. I knew I just needed to “go off road” as I always do. Not following the beaten path has helped a lot you too I’m sure. How else are new things invented and discovered? Feel free to let me know how the transfers turned out for you. Glitter? You don’t have to add it of course but I always feel a magical attachment to something when it’s all sparkly. Of course I have easily over a couple of thousand napkins on hand so it’s always a little bit of a challenge to find just the right one(s) for each project.

I would like to add that since all of the work is done on the outside of the birdhouse, it’s perfectly safe for our feathered friends. I have one in the garage that I decoupaged. It wasn’t meant to go outside, I made it for decorative purposes only. I put it out there with my other completed and incomplete projects, Over the winter a clever bird must have been able to hop under the door where there is a small space, tote some leaves and brush into that birdhouse. Because within weeks there were tiny chicks flying around our garage. They had a lovely little home out there. Today’s project will be just as nice because it will be put out on my front porch, or deck I should say. The bird can come and go as she pleases, and there will be shelter from the cold, the wet, the snow and ice. (Also from predators)

Here is this week’s supply list for you. You can always go to my Facebook page, Upcycle with Decoupage and click on any of the links to products that I have on the Facebook page to shop for all or some of these items. You can also shop here for anything else you may be in need of since my links all go through Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime you qualify for all of the same benefits through my site and my links. You can even sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime right here.

Each of the links will take you to the Amazon page where you can either purchase the item or just read about it. You can also shop for anything else you need from Amazon while you’re here today.

How To Decoupage Roses on Furniture French Poster

Let’s turn an image into a poster and decoupage it! 


Link to the Image I used here:

Watch the Video here:     

                         Last week I was just finishing up the editing process of my weekly video and I wondered what I was going to do for the following week. I have a few notebooks with ideas, drawings and plans but I wanted to feel inspired.  Do you know that feeling? You may have plans to do one thing but feel like doing something else. So I went over to Pinterest, I wasn’t even sure for what. I didn’t want to look at anything that was decoupaged because I wanted to feel like my idea was unique. At least to me. Instead I decided to look at pretty papers. That’s what led me to this week’s project. Once I found this image I knew I had to use it.   I have a few pieces of furniture in our garage that are just waiting to be turned around. I found the French themed roses image that I used on this week’s project and I knew what I was going to do. I headed over to and printed the image out on my laser printer. Oddly the colors of the pages that printed out didn’t all match but I didn’t notice that until they were all decoupaged onto my surface. Luckily  I still love the way it came out.  I have a small free standing shelf that I’ve had since I was single and moving from apartment to apartment. I keep my hair products in it. Hair sprays, volumizers, thickeners, conditioners, you know how it is. I need different products depending on the weather. For summer there’s a whole new need for stronger humidity proof sprays, in winter I need more of a conditioning spray. There are no doors on the cabinet and it just looks messy. There are a few shelves and aside from the tissue box, there’s also a box for spare lipsticks, and a few small containers for bobby pins and scrunchies, so it’s a wreck-I think. I knew I needed something with doors and shelves so I could store my belongings and keep them hidden. I found this week’s piece of furniture at the Goodwill store, but of course! I knew I was going to repurpose it one day but I knew I needed to wait until the inspiration hit me. And boy did it. I saw this print and couldn’t believe it wasn’t somewhere in a museum. It gave me a feeling too. It felt romantic, and feminine. Artistic and chic. I had to work with this piece of paper. Here is this week’s supply list for you. You can always go to my Facebook page, Upcycle with Decoupage and click on any of the links to products that I have on the Facebook page to shop for all or some of these items. You can also shop for anything else you may be in need of since my links all go through Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime you qualify for all of the same benefits through my site and my links.  There’s a link below (at the bottom of the supply list) for you if you would like to give Amazon Prime a try for free. I know personally that Amazon is very good at ending the trial period if it’s not what you want. They don’t play games or try to sell you on staying with Prime.


  • Image from your computer   link to this poster :
  • Laser Copies from *if your printer isn’t laser have copies made @ Copy center
  • faber castell pitt artist big brush artist pen * I used Walnut Brown  
  • Decoupage Glue (Matte, stain or gloss)
  • Fine/ Medium sanding sponge
  • chalk paint  * I used a soft pink, winter white and heather gray for my project)
  • sea sponges
  • chip brushes
  • 3 inch paint roller brush
  • saran wrap
  • Razor Blade
  • Top coat or Varnish (matte, satin or gloss)

DIY Repurpose That Glass Vase Decoupage – Ocean Themed        Are you like me? Happy to have your schedule back? Even though the summer is lovely and there are places to go and company to have, sunny days to enjoy….I get all out of whack when my schedule gets changed around. I am also a large fan of the Fall months. Most people tend to want the summer to stick around, and I can see why. But for me? The crisp autumn air, the burst of colors all around us, and the first time we light the fireplace? All things that I look forward to. I also could live in fleece, so I tend to wear it all through the fall and winter as I work from home. With all of that said, I still like to pay homage to the summer months that are fading quickly into pleasant memories. How did I do that this week? I took one of the five hundred glass vases that I keep after getting flowers because they are after all glass, and I just can’t bring myself to throw away a healthy glass vase….See-if I was saying all of this out loud right now this is the place where my husband would come over and “accidentally” bump into me like you would an old record player that was skipping. My point is, don’t we all tend to keep those glass vases? They’re not something to be recycled and we will get flowers again! (Usually in new glass vases that will be saved) so why not turn one into something that we can keep on the countertop  with our without flowers? Like the one I’ll show you to decoupage this week. A little tissue paper-the kind you buy to stuff bags with in whatever colors you want, glitter, tinsel glitter, coarse glitter, fine glitter…..and a couple of new products I’ll introduce you too. Viva Decor’s Crystal Gel, and Tim Holtz’s Distress Medium in clear Rock Candy. You’ll see the finest crackle finish over your decoupage with this. We can add perfect pearls to the surface to bring out those tiny cracks and add the most subtle finish to it. The Crystal Gel is like no other product that I’ve seen on the market. It should be applied using a spatula-lumpy…it can be used alone or with the glitter. Since most vases are placed near or under bright lights, I just had to add glitter. Then again, if I could I would add glitter to everything.Here’s the list of what you’ll need for this project. You can use this list to shop through my store above or you can visit my Facebook page Upcycle with Decoupage to purchase the supplies through Amazon-thanks!

  • Glass Vase
  • Craft Spatula
  • Crystal Gel (Viva Decor) Transparent or Holographic
  • Tissue’s papers -blues, greens, yellows,
  • Napkin Decoupage Glue
  • Distress Medium Rock Candy (Tim Holtz)
  • Assorted Glitter
  • Perfect Pearls assorted colors
  • Aqua Pen
  • Triple Thick High Gloss Varnish Spray
  • Heavy Grit Nail File